Monday, October 5, 2009

From the Trip: Friday Finds

I did hit some thrift stores on the trip, but my favorite finds were of the natural variety.
I filled buckets with rocks, big and little. I even sat on the beach for hours while the kids played and sorted through piles of rocks to find only the green ones. It was very OCD, I know, but also strangely meditative and relaxing.

I was intrigued by how different the sand was on each beach we visited and brought home small bags of sand from different beaches.

We found driftwood to make a mobile with.
Crab shells.
Sand dollars.
Pine cones.
A feather.

The kids, even Lilly, loved collecting these things with me. Not only are these the cheapest souvenirs around, they are also so much more beautiful than a tee shirt, or a poster.
These souvenirs bring back memories like, "remember how the sand on this beach squeaked when you walked on it?" Or, "remember how this moss was hanging from the tree in front of our cabin?"

Living reminders we can touch and smell and that we gathered with our own hands are extra special.

This week we have plans to do some things with our collections. I'll post pictures.

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pupandpony said...

Don't you love those little treasures? Sounds like a great trip!