Monday, October 26, 2009

I Like Homemade Costumes

I love homemade Halloween costumes. I do. I love the look of them. The clever use of one thing as something else. The costumes you can't find in a store. Making them. Wearing them. And now, making them for my kids.

It started with this guy: the scuba diver

Then William said, "I want to be a sea lion." He loves sea lions.

And they both said Lilly could be a pink octopus. So she was.

And here they all are. 3 costumes, all homemade and handmade. Using garage sale sweatshirts, fabric glue, silver spray pint, a glue gun, lots of brown felt, sponges, and 3 pairs of girls leggings.

Tomorrow I'll show you how I made them. You never know, next year your son might want to be a sea lion. And let me tell you, there are no sea lion costumes to be found, even on the world wide web.
But now there is.

Sorry for the poor picture quality. We were on our way to a party and the kids were raring to go. Not raring to stand still for photos. The good thing about a pre-Halloween event is that it gives you time to discover the costumes possible flaws or malfunctions and fix them. For example, William's upper flippers kept turning around and then he just looked like a brown angel. With whiskers. Oh well.
I'll have better pics on Halloween.

On a side note, I have been finding that creativity begets creativity. Good ideas beget more good ideas. I am full of good ideas right now. If only it wouldn't take me so long to complete them. But that's another post all together.
One of my ideas involves my vintage book collection and some Mod Podge. I can not wait to get started. In the meantime, check out Mod Podge Rocks to enter Amy's Mod Podge giveaway. Who knows? It might inspire you to get going on a Mod Podge project of your own.

Happy Monday to you!

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pupandpony said...

Love them, especially the pink octopus!