Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Poem for you Today


by Langston Hughes

Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.

Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow.

I have always loved Langston Hughes' Dreams poems. They speak to anyone who has longing in their heart for something, someone, someplace.

The photo above reminds me of this poem. Yesterday I walked along the San Gabriel River Pathway with my kids. I am sure up in the San Gabriel mountains the river is wild and free, beautiful and green. By the time it reaches us, almost to the sea, it is confined to a concrete channel, gray and uninspiring. I couldn't help but feel a little depressed as I looked at the graffiti, the shopping cart lying in the water, the paper cup floating by. How ugly it all was.

But then, we saw the birds. Ducks, a Blue Heron and the Snowy Egret. In the middle of the ugliness, there is still beauty to be found. If we don't look for it, we've lost our ability to dream, and "life is a barren filed."

What are you dreaming of?

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