Sunday, November 22, 2009

Greta's Gift Guide--It's Early, but I Can't Help Myself!

I know, I know. I said no Christmas stuff until Thanksgiving is past.
But I can't help myself.
I went shopping today and I have some great gift ideas to share with you. Trust me, you'll be glad I did.

The funny thing is, I wasn't Christmas shopping. I was actually spending the birthday gift certificate Aaron gave me. In August. Yeah. That's how much shopping I get to these days.
Anyway, I went to Blue Windows, on 2nd St, in Belmont Shore. (Featured in this month's Sunset Magazine! Those folks at Sunset know what's up! Get yourself a copy-it's a great issue)

I love Blue Windows. I never tire of it. They have an inspiring collection of things that I don't see anywhere else. The store is decorated beautifully. Every time I am there I see something I'd like to do in my house. Today I noticed a tree display that I want to replicate for the kids' room.
But I digress.
To the gifts.

First. The little owl.

Look at that little guy. He is so cute. He's made of clay and is quite heavy. He's not fragile. He's going to stick around. For $8 he'd make a lovely little gift to someone on your Christmas list.

Next, the heart.

Then I found this beautiful, wooden heart. It came with a leather tie, so it could easily be an ornament, or hung from a window. It is simple and sweet. It is $3. What a great, heartfelt (ha) gift to someone you love.

"But I don't live in Long Beach. I can't shop at Blue Windows."
Don't fret, dear friend. These gifts that follow can be found at the store, or on the world wide web.

This card, by Night Owl Paper Goods, is actually printed on a piece of thin, wood veneer. There were only a few to choose from at Blue Windows, but if you visit the company's website, you'll find lots more.

I am planning on getting this little guy for my bathroom. Or for my sister. She loves otters.
But how can a card be a gift? When a card is printed on wood, like these, they are more than cards, they are little works of art. Simply hang them on the wall like so:

You just gave someone a totally unique piece of art for Christmas. You must check out their website. It is chock full of fantastic things. These cards are the tip of the iceberg. And they offer $5 shipping in the US. You can't beat that!

And lastly, there are these blocks. A bit more pricey than the other gifts. But they are under $35 and something you won't find anywhere else. Hand made in Canada, by a company called Fidoodle, these blocks are totally non-toxic if you have these in mind for a little teether.
On one side they are a puzzle:

On the other, these blocks:

My kids are going to love these. And that is what I love about them. They appeal to my design sensibility. I would love them sitting on a shelf of my wall unit; a little 3 dimensional piece of art. But they could just as easily be down on the coffee table where the kids can build with them and create little stories with them. That's where they are now. And where they'll be for a while, I imagine.

To me that is a sign of a great product. It is a gift appreciated by different ages. And look, even the box is cool:

Find these blocks and some other cool products at the Fidoodle Etsy shop.

Here is the thing about Christmas gifts. It is easy to spend far too much money at Christmas. Each year I resolve to spend less, and I really haven't managed to do it. This year Aaron and I are planning on making many gifts ourselves. We have also found some amazing treasures at the flea market and even garage sales. And then there are gifts like these. They are not expensive. They are unique and thoughtful.
Yes, you could shop at Target and give out frames, dvds and footbaths.
But aren't these so much better?

Happy Monday and happy shopping.

PS: Besides shopping, I got a lot of painting of furniture and other projects done this weekend. Aaron took the kids for an overnight at his parent's. I relaxed, but I also got a lot done. I can't wait to show you some pictures tomorrow. See you then.

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Patti said...

My goodness Greta! I love your taste. Simple and budget-friendly, but unique and meaningful as well. Please keep the suggestions coming! (Especially for us non-artsy folk who have a hard time thinking up these things on our own!)