Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Little Bit of Crafting

It has been a long week. A long week of a sick little girl and lots of long nights. On Monday I was supposed to go to another Blog Out Loud event, but with Lilly feeling so bad, I just couldn't leave for a long evening.

I was feeling disappointed and needed to relax and recharge. So I did a little bit of crafting. It was just what I needed.

First, I dealt with this frame I found on clearance at Urban Outfitters. I didn't want the black, I'm not a huge fan of the scotty dog and I definitely don't like the purple, but the frame was the right size, and only $2.50. (originally $20!) Nothing a little paint can't fix.

I just hung a little vignette in the kids' room and I needed one more piece, in pink, to complete it. I tore out the cross stitch scotty dog, painted the frame pink and put in an orange piece of paper and an orange circle with a little tree stamped on it.
I think it turned out pretty cute.

The best part about it was how quickly I got done. I was able to hang it up the next morning. I love a project like that.

I really like the way it fits in with the other pieces. They all go together, but nothing is matchy matchy. There are the vintage Sequoia National Park pennant and the the vintage squirrel postcard that started my whole "foresty" theme. Those 2 things I found at garage sales for under a quarter, and I love them so much. Such great finds.

The birds in the tree card is actually a birth announcement from a friend. Her brothers always make the most amazing announcements for her. It isn't the first time I've used them as art.

And my tiny print of a redwood forest, with the sun shining down so majestically. That's from a calendar.

All this is to say you can find art for your walls anywhere. Just look for the things you love and make you feel good. You'll feel even better looking at them everyday.

In addition to making this tiny frame, I also worked on a collage for the kiddo's room. It took a bit longer to finish, so I don't have pictures yet. But I'll post some tomorrow.

And the best thing about doing some crafting, even the littlest bit, is how much it motivates me to do more. And so, I'm off to paint a bookshelf.

Hope you get some crafting or relaxing in this weekend. I plan on doing a little of both. Happy weekend, friends.

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