Thursday, January 21, 2010

52 Lists and List # 1

I believe I have mentioned before a blog called Hula 70. Among other things, Miss Hula takes amazing photographs and writes amazing lists. Being a list girl myself, I am especially drawn to her new project, which is 1 list a week, for a year.
That's 52 lists.
About anything, all sorts of things, and definitely interesting things.

There has been quite a bit of buzz in blog land about Andrea's lists, so I am probably not the first one to straight out copy her and make my own 52 lists.

Here is my plan:
A list a week on anything and everything that is my life. At the end of the year, I will print the lists, and bind them into a book. It will be a quick and simple record of who I am in 2010. I am also going to try to help the boys make lists, or at least James.
As a lifelong, passionate lover of journals, diaries and written keepsakes of all kinds, I'm pretty sure I'm going to love writing these lists.
And reading them in 20 years.

And really, I just love a good project.

So here goes.


1. The sound of Lilly reading to herself
2. Listening to the boys talk about girls
3. The little sigh William makes just before he falls asleep
4. The quiet house after everyone goes to bed
5. The way Lilly says, "I lub ewww."
6. Quiet walks on the trail
7. William's screams when he gets tickled
8. James whispering, "you're the best Mommy" when I kiss him goodnight
9. Aaron calling to say "I love you " in the middle of the day
10. Waves
11. Wind
12. Talk radio when everyone falls asleep in the car
13. James Taylor
14. Aaron wrestling with the kids
15. 3 different laughs, laughing in unison

Why don't you make some lists too? Make your own, or do them along with me.
Just be sure to tell me. I want to know.
What's on your list?
*Here are lots of ideas for inspiration.


Mimi said...

this is a great way to get someone moving (like me) who is procrastinating at starting to write. However, my mind works a little differenty. I think I will start a new list each week but work on a bunch concurrantly. Like Things I love about Bear will be something ill want to come back to here and there in between Reasons I am A Saint and Rational for Wood Floors. Now I'm off to obsess (and procrastinate) about what type of journal to write these in....

Greta said...

Will you please start writing this immediatly because I want to read why you are a saint.
And yes, the adding to the list is a good idea.
Reasons why you love Bear--I am stealing that one.
Yep. You have to start a blog. Get going girl!!!

hannah queen | honey & jam said...

Hi Greta! Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog. I love that you are homeschooling your kids - if I ever have any, I plan on doing the same! :)

I LOVE the shoes in your profile pic, by the way. where'd you get them?

Greta said...

Hannah, just google "salt water sandals" and you'll find lots of options. i weren't going to have gigantic, swollen pregnant feet this summer, I would also be getting a bright yellow pair, hot pink an maybe navy blue.
I'm kind of in love with them myself.
Hope you get some. And be prepared, strangers will stop you in the street to ask you where you got them. One lady even asked if she could try them on so she'd know what size to order!

Tammy Callis said...


I too started 52 lists and copied Andrea. I said I was going to start writing a blog this year so perhaps I'll start posting them too...stay tuned.

Greta said...

Do it Tammy! Do it it! And I can't wait to read your lists. I am sure they will be very inspiring and fun.

Jennifer said...

thanks for sharing greta. i also am a lover of lists. i think i will have to join in the list making fun. i am glad you posted hula seventy's link. when i began blogging, i enjoyed visiting there... but didn't know anything about blogging- and how to create a blogroll, so i kinda just forgot about her goodness! :(