Friday, January 22, 2010

Just Some Fun Stuff for Your Monday

Hi there! I hope your weekend was spectacular. Or at the very least, quite nice.
Mine was. We went down to Fallbrook for a wedding and also got to spend time with our parents. It is so handy that they live in the same town. My sweet husband gave me Saturday afternoon to myself. I went to my parent's and slept and then went to lunch with my Mom, sister and my my Mom's best friend, my other mom, Cathy. What a treat! What more could a pregnant lady want? Except perhaps, this lemon tart.

Since this is Monday, and sometimes we need a little pick me up at the start of the week, I thought I'd share some fun things from around the interweb.

First, there's this blog, Honey and Jam. That's where the lemon tart is from. O me, o my! Honey and Jam is a food blog written by the lovely Miss Hannah. I love her writing, her recipes and especially her photographs. She takes amazing, I mean really, really amazingly beautiful pictures. You will want to bake everything she writes about because it looks so good. And, she's 19 and was home schooled. I have to support a fellow home schooler. Please stop by her blog. You're sure to love it.

Here is another picture from her recent post on a Lemon Tart. Doesn't it look divine?

After you check out Honey and Jam, you can head over to this Etsy shop and see some stuff I really like.
Especially this clock. I smell a Valentines Day present, do you?

I also adore this cuckoo clock because I am obsessed with cuckoo clocks and would really like to add to my collection of 1. (not really a collection yet, I know. but I am hoping if I mention it enough times someone might get the message.) I also like this clock in blue and orange and not sure which color would look best in my room.

I also love this Etsy shop. It is so full of beautiful and sweet pieces of art. There are lots I'd like to hang in my house.
Like this one, for the new baby.

Add this one, for my sweet husband.

Isn't her art lovely?
You just have to go and look at all of it. You will find a lot you like. I promise.

Well, that is about it for today. I am off to my fist doc appointment for the new babe and looking quite forward to it actually. It's nice for things to be official.

Happy Monday, friends. See you tomorrow.

Oh, and while not quite up to the looks of that lemon tart, there is a good Blueberry Bran Muffin recipe over at Lilly and the Brother, and a good pregnancy story to go with it. Check it out here.

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Erin McDonald said...

I love the art too! thanks for sharing and I am so sad I missed out on the lunch and thanks for not sharing to many details. I love you and can't wait to see you!!!