Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Perfect Playhouse

I had a play house when I was a little girl. It was amazing. I loved it then and I love it now. Many wonderful memories are attached to that play house. Hours were spent playing house, orphanage and super heroes. It was the place for holding club meetings: the sea shell club, the rock collectors club, the boy haters club. It was a place I could go to read and pretend I was somewhere else, was someone else. It was our own little world.

Every kids needs a place like that.
The favorite features of our playhouse were:
It was up high.
It had a big deck where we had a commanding view of the whole back yard. In my memories, it was very, very high.
It had a rope ladder for climbing up.
It had a slide for sliding down.
There were curtains in the windows.
The play house was really a little house. It felt real--just smaller.
My brother's favorite feature was the giant dirt pit underneath the playhouse deck.
He dug caves and tunnels for his GI Joes and Star Wars figures.
He also filled it with water and made it into a giant mud hole.

Aaron and I have been discussing a playhouse for our little people. The problem we've been facing is this, Aaron doesn't want to look into our back yard at some playhouse monstrosity. Does it have to be ugly? Can't it look good? Can't it be well designed? Can't it be cool?

To be honest, I was getting a little annoyed at all this. Our kids need a play house or a play structure or something to climb on and jump off, swing from, play in, and call their very own. Sometimes you just have to let your design aesthetic go and deal with reality!

How glad I am that I was wrong.
I found these and I think they are awesome.

If you go to the website, here, you will find lots more pictures of all the features I think are so great. You will also find a few other models, but this one is my favorite.
It is, of course, the one that looks the most modern.

I like the plank climbing wall on the side. The other side of that wall has rock climbing holds. How perfect for my little climbers.
The raised deck allows for a trap door.
What kid doesn't love a trap door?
I like the rope attached to one side.
More climbing!
Another playhouse design featured a chalkboard wall.
Chalk outside=good.
I like the clean, simple lines of this playhouse.
I wouldn't mind looking at something like this every day.

Here's hoping this will provide all the design inspiration Aaron needs to get our brood a playhouse before the dog days of summer begin!

*I have looked at this website quite a bit in the past few days. It is always really slow for me. If you can't get the pictures, there are some more here. Not as many, but it's something. Hope you have fun dreaming of the perfect playhouse.


Erin McDonald said...

Sinve I am in the voting mood here I vote YES on building a play house/fort! I used to love yours on Clemens Ln. such wonderful memories!

Jennifer said...

GREAT find greta. LOVE it.