Friday, January 15, 2010

Urban Farmer

Our oranges are ripe and sweet.
Aaron picked some this morning and brought them in, still wet from last night's rain.
Is there any thing sweeter than starting the day with an orange straight from the tree?

The avocados are ready to be picked now too.
They are more delicious than I knew avocados could be.
We had plans to share.
But it might be hard to.

There is an enormous sense of satisfaction in picking food from your own yard and bringing it to your table. It just feels good.
This weekend I am planting sweet peas.
And it is time to start designing the raised beds for vegetables.

Since I can't be a country farmer, I am going to be an urban farmer.
I can't wait!

Hoping your weekend involves some food from the farm--yours or someone else's.
Happy weekend!

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Unknown said...

I completely relate to this post! I want to be a country girl. I'll settle for "urban farmer,' though. :) The pictures are beautiful.