Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Favorite Vintage Children's Books: Golden Books

Vintage Week continues with books!
I am a book fanatic. It borders on clinical. Last time we moved I thought my husband might make me do something about my obsession. Books are heavy. And there were a lot of very, heavy boxes.
Of course, I love vintage books best of all. And vintage children's books best, best of all. And vintage Golden Books best, best, best of all.
They really are the best, I tell you.
It's not just the illustrations. They are fantastic. Wonderful. I adore them. Golden Books used some truly great illustrators.
But the content is good too. They are good reads. Interesting. Fun. They are just great books.

Here are a few favorites from my collection.
I gave you a sneak peek at this one yesterday. It is a fabulous book about the states. I want to blow this map up and hang it in my house.
Look inside. The fab illos continue. California.
Hawaii for my father in law. He loves all things Hawaii.
Maine for my parents. Because they love all things Maine.
Kentucky for me. Because I've always wanted to visit Kentucky. I imagine it is very beautiful. And, it's Daniel Boone country. Come on!
Like I said before, these illustrations are so great, but the writing is too. Yes it is outdated, the populations have changed, but isn't this so much more interesting than an up to date text book?

Here are some more favorites.
Don't forget the Little Golden Books. I always find these for about a quarter. Just got one today, in fact, from the library "for sale" shelf. A whopping 25 cents.
But here is the best one of the all. This is my favorite Golden Book. Perhaps one of the favorites of all my books.
And not just cause I got it at a library book sale for fifty cents and it's worth this.
Not just cause it's Charlie Harper and I love, love , love him.
Not just cause it's a Golden Book.
But because it is beautiful.
Even cells. And tree trunks.
Oh my books make me happy. Especially the Golden ones.
Any favorites on your shelf?


Four Flights said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! I love love love Golden Books. I mean love. You know my favorite part? The illustrations in the small ones. They are always in the country and literally paint a picture of a place I want to live, a life I want my children to have. HUGE LOVE FOR THE Golden Books!

Lillian said...

I can still remember some of the Golden Books from my childhood. My favorite was about a little island girl, and a doll she got when a ship came to the island where she lived.
I have not laid eyes on that book in well over 50 years, but I have a picture in my mind of that little brown girl, sitting on the sand holding the doll she loved so much.

Betsi* said...

I love LGB's. My favorites are the ones illustrated by Eloise Wilkins. Especially "A Child's Garden of Verses". The picture for the swing poem became my favorite place to imagine living. "We Help Mommy" and "Daddy" shaped my visions of motherhood and homemaking as a child.
I also love the 50's and 60's stylized illustrated ones. They are just so dang kitchy.

Tammy Callis said...

Oh how I've been wanting that Biology Book. Amazing find, yay Greta!

Vintage Kids' Books My Kid Loves said...

All you people with your Charlie Harper yard sale finds make me ill with envy! :)