Tuesday, March 16, 2010

List # 5 of the 52 Lists: My Vintage State Glasses

Vintage Week continues with the 52 Lists

List # 5
My Vintage State Glasses
1. California (2)
2. Delaware
3. Florida
4. Georgia
5. Kansas
6. Massachusetts
7. Missouri
8. New Mexico
9. New York
10. Nevada
11. Oklahoma
12. Tennessee
13. Texas
14. Vermont
15. Virginia (2)

Which ones do I still have to add to my collection? A lot!
But I am game for the hunt. It is all part of the fun.

I love these glasses. Look at them up close.

I love our state slogan? motto? "The Golden State" Whatever it is, I like it. It sounds warm and lovely, doesn't it?
Although, "The Green Mountain State" sounds pretty nice too. It sounds peaceful and refreshing. I've never been to Vermont. But I'd like to. It always makes me think of the movie White Christmas.
Georgia. "The Empire State of the South."
I spent several summers with some folks from Georgia and they were very nice. But one thing I noticed about them was they had some serious state pride. I mean, a lot. Now I know why.

I love these glasses. They bring back some sweet memories.
They are from one of my most favorite stores, Clementines One of a Kind, in dear old Fallbrook. Clementines was a central component to my life for a while. They were one of the first places in Fallbrook to have a coffee bar. And they served good coffee.
Danny ran the coffee bar and Kim ran the store.
They were the kind of couple that made you want to hang out in their store and talk to them. You came in for an iced coffee but you stayed to chat, and to look at all of Kim's wonderful finds.

My sister and I used to drop in for coffee after walking our dogs at the preserve.
Aaron and I bought a lot of furniture for our first house at Clementines.
Mom, and Kristen bought me a purse to take on my honeymoon there. It is still one of my favorites and I still love to carry it.
Aaron went in the morning of our wedding day and Kim and Danny treated him to a celebratory coffee.

Fallbrook is a slow town. We loved that, but it was still nice to have a cool place to hang out. A place that wasn't Denny's. (Although it was big news when Denny's came.) A place that had such great stuff that you almost could not leave empty handed. I miss Clementines every time I visit Main Street.

Sadly for us, a number of years ago Kim and Danny closed up shop and headed to New York. That is how I came to be the owner of many of those glasses. They were actually part of Kim's collection. But she was parting with some of them for the move. Since I already had a fine collection of vintage glasses, all of them, I think, from Clementines, I knew I had to have these too.
Plus, I have a thing for vintage "state stuff."
I have a lot of things, don't I?

Anyway, that is how my state glasses collection began. Every time I look at them, I remember Clementines, Kim and Danny and those particular years of my life. They are good memories.

Not all the glasses in my collection are from Clementines. Some are from my mother in law, who always remembers that I collect them. She's been asking me for a list of the ones I have for years. So here you go, Mom, happy hunting!

I love to fill my home with things that tell a story.
Do you have any special treasures in your house?
By the way, Kim opened another store, called Summer Girl, in New York. So if you are ever visiting New Suffolk, Long Island, you should drop in her shop. I am sure it is wonderful. Tell her I said hi.
All this talk of vintage state stuff, got me thinking. I can't have Vintage Week without a nod to my most favorite of all vintage items: books. So tomorrow I'll share with you a favorite vintage book or 2.
One of them will be about our grand 50 states.
Here is a sneak peek.

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Christ in the Chaos said...

Oh Clementines! I loved that store! I think I would love it even more now that I drink coffee and have extra money to spend.