Friday, March 12, 2010

It's All In the Details--Are You Ready To Be Inspired?

We have been showered with a lot of love and thoughtfulness lately. I talk about it a bit here. Bringing meals to someone is an incredibly generous gift. It is truly helpful. Truly. Sometimes it actually feels like a lifesaver.

I have done my fair share of bringing meals. But my friend Jen showed me something I have never considered when bringing a meal.
She made it pretty.
She paid attention to the details and let me tell you, I am so pumped up and inspired. I can't wait to bring someone a meal! (after people stop bring me meals, that is)

Take a look at her magic.

Cupcake labels. The boys said, "It's like a birthday party!"
We saved them.

Lemonade. In a glass jar. A glass jar that is so cute I want to start putting our milk in it every day. Aaron said the same thing.
Also, a special drink for the kids--genius! They were so excited.
And wine for the grownups. Also genius.

See how she covered the lids of the jars with cute paper and some twine. Way, way cuter than the disposable plastic containers I always use.
And don't say, "I can't do that." You can.
Jen said she saves her applesauce jars, salsa, what have you, and uses them for this stuff.
Put on a piece of pretty paper or fabric, tie with twine, yarn or string and voila!
Absolute cuteness.

The kids were going for the berries.
We had them for breakfast the next morning.

Aren't they pretty?

Thanks Jen, for inspiring me to think outside the (plastic) box.
Now I am ready to re use your glass containers and your ideas and Make It Pretty!
It's all in the details, friends. Happy weekend.


Lillian said...

Wow, so, so cute. I love it that there are real people who can't stand not making something that is everyday, look so pretty......I wish I could say that of myself. I will try harder.

Jennifer said...

wow! a full feature piece here. i am so honored. :) you are too sweet. thanks friend. xoxoxox

Greta said...

You deserve a full feature. Seriously, this is something I have never even thought of doing. It was so beautiful and I am so glad you did it for me so I can pass on the loveliness.
We can all learn from each other. Oh and will you help me if I get into the "lovely package exchange" cause you obviously rock at it!

Tammy Callis said...

Wow, Jen! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. So inspiring!

Four Flights said...

I LOVE this so much. How sweet and thougthful...I was at the grocery store tonight and they had about 5 empty glass milk bottles just sitting at the check stand and I thought of this post. I was so tempted to take them and make lemonade :) I didn't take them though since I had my 4 year old daughter with me and don't want to teach her that mommy steals things from grocery stores :) Maybe I'll just be legit and buy some!
p.s. I saw that you visited cherry tree lane. she is awesome. the next blog sugar is May 28th. Mark your calendars...I'll have her send you the Evite.