Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Easy Upgrade: Change Your Soap Dispenser

So who still keeps their dish washing soap in the ugly plastic bottle it came in, and has it sitting on the side of the sink that way? Come on, fess up. You are among friends. You can tell us.

Well, if that's you, it's time to upgrade. I think most of America has now decanted their dish washing soap into an attractive glass bottle and tossed that ugly one into recycling. We have Martha to thank for it. It might just be her most lasting gift to mankind.
And it's time for you to get on the bandwagon.
I mean, there was even a "ban the bottle" challenge over at Apartment Therapy.

I did away with that ugly plastic bottle as soon as I married Aaron and had my very first kitchen. I bought the bottle on our honeymoon. We were at an olive farm, tasting freshly pressed oil when I saw a bottle on their shelves.
"This would be perfect for dish soap, " I thought.

No, I am not making this stuff up. This is really the kind of person I was and am. I like homemaking. Martha does too and she's making millions off it. I'm just writing this little ol blog.

Anyway. There was another area though, in which I was behind. The hand soap bottle. I keep hand soap next to the kitchen sink. Don't you?
And they do make bottles that are more decorative than the dish soap bottles, they are smaller, and the ones by Method or Mrs Meyers aren't too bad looking.
But I wanted something better.
And it needed to speak to me.
Preferably in French.

Have you seen this soap before?
I first saw it in some little shop up in Cambria a few years ago. It was the last day of our vacation and funds were running low, so I didn't buy it. I waited a few months and found it on the world wide interweb.
I love that I could choose the color. Aren't you shocked I chose red?

Their soap is really nice. The cherry scent was amazing. But I didn't buy refills because it is a bit too pricey for me. I just buy my regular brand and fill her up. It is definitely an upgrade from the plastic bottle, wouldn't you say?

Now I am looking at replacing the bar soap I use in the bathroom with another one of these bottles. (Bar soap is just so messy. It is kind of bugging me. But I am forcing myself to use all the nice bar soaps I have before I buy another bottle of this lovely savon.) I just can't decide if I want pink or yellow. Both would look great with my turquoise bathroom.

What do you think?
Here are some links to places you can purchase your very own bottle of Savon de Marsielle. If you are so inclined.
Or Here.
If you do nothing else, go find an inexpensive glass bottle at Target and make the upgrade. I promise, you'll be glad you did.

Even the little things matter.


Erin McDonald said...

haa haa haaa haaaa! I just have to laugh because you would just die if you saw my soap bottle~! Let's see, it was left by the former tenants of our frist condo unit. We had nothing but our cloths and I was struck then with the thought that maybe I should of kept some stuff from my life there in the US. We found the bottle and were so greatful for it! It was tinted green plastic with a worn label on it that had a polar bear. justin washed that off and we have used it ever since and I am prety sure it's in our box down on the island. dish soap is much cheeper if you buy the refill packs so I just never bought a new one! Silly me!

Lisa said...

I did this years ago and it is just a bit classier than the plastic. Oh yeah...I LOVE Martha.