Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Know it's Spring, but Here are Some Winter Dreams

I just did a post about our trip to the snow over at Lilly and the Brothers.
I found these pictures and was reminded how fun it was to take pictures in a totally new environment. Snow. It was beautiful and breathtaking.
I dream of one day staying in a secluded cabin, deep in the woods, just buried in snow. I would like to lay on the couch next to a roaring fire, go snowshoeing and see no one's foot prints but mine and the animals, drink hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows, eat hot soup and fresh from the oven bread, and fall asleep to the quiet, quiet sounds of snow falling.

Then I'd like to come home to sunshine because I am terrified of driving in snow and I think I'd probably have to drive eventually. Or I guess I could learn to cross country ski.

The first time I went to Switzerland, I had just turned 17 and graduated from high school. We were driving in a gigantic bus through the Alps. After many, many, many hairpin turns, and a lot of my fellow travelers getting very sick, we reached the top of a mountain. And when we got out of the bus to stretch our legs, it was snowing.
In July.
It was only the second time I had seen snow falling. It was just so beautiful and magical.
As we drove down the mountain, we drove through village after village. Each one had a little church, tiny chalets with windows full of red geraniums, cows, a shop or two, and the greenest grass you ever laid eyes on. Outside of each village were more homes, tucked up into the hills and looking very lovely indeed. I imagined myself spending a winter there, studying abroad, alone with my books, writing, making friends with people in the village where I would go for bread and cheese.
Oh it was so romantic. I loved being 17.

I have been back to Switzerland 2 times since that trip. Each time I love it more. It is one of the most beautiful places on the planet and one of my most favorite places in the world.
I've only been there in the summer. And there is still snow up in the Alps.
But I'd like to go in the winter sometime.
As long as I don't have to drive. And I won't cause the trains in Switzerland are fabulous.

Where do you dream of being right now? Winter dreams, spring dreams or even summer dreams? Tell me. I'd love to have some new places to dream about.


Brooke said...

Hmmmm -HAWAII!!!!!! Living with lots of snow on the ground for a good portion of the year makes me yearn for sand and SUNSHINE!!! Oh, and you are right to fear driving - it totally sucks when it is snowing ;D

Erin McDonald said...

I dream of hot tropical islands full of friendly people and nothing beats a loud ride on the boat while hoping islands, the wind in my hair and my toes skimming the water. Your mind can get lost in the views and with the loud rummble of the engine you are left alone with all your toughts and I always spend the time talking to God about how wonderful He is! And I think to my self, What a wonderful world!

Betsi* said...

I also have long dreamed of a quiet cabin buried in the woods with fields and forests full of quiet, sparkling snow and twilit evenings of softly falling flakes. Of books and fires and maybe just a dog or cat. Of long snowshoe tramps under sifting leaden skies.
In the summer I dream of long white sandy beaches with incredibly clear aqua water filled with the happy laughter of tanned island children splashing through yet another day in paradise. Of reading books in hammocks while warm breezes ruffle my hair and a fresh tropical juice is just at hand every few swings.
I also dream of visiting "up north" in Minnesota. The warm lazy days by the wooded lakes and evenings full of mournful loon song. I miss Minnesota in the summer.
Thanks for taking us along on your mental vacation!