Monday, March 8, 2010

I've Got Birthday Parties on the Brain

I'm going to start by saying that thinking about this post, and writing this post is making me feel quite happy. And that feels so, so good.
A Happy Birthday post should make one feel happy, no?

It's birthday season around here. April, May and June. Of course I've been thinking about it for months, but it is time to start kicking it into high gear. I love planning my kids' birthday parties and they love planning them with me. But what got me searching around the web for ideas to share with you was the news that my bird shaped crayons made it into the Bake It Pretty photo gallery. Fun!
Do you remember these cuties?

I made them for Lil's first birthday. I got the mold from Bake It Pretty--one of my favorite on-line shops. I sent them an email telling them how happy I was with how the crayons turned out and how much I love their products. (because I think people should know when you like something. It is good to give compliments--not just complaints) I sent a picture and they posted it on their gallery. Right here.
I also posted how I made them on my sidebar, just click on the picture, or go here. There are so many insanely awesome candy molds at Bake It Pretty that you could make a whole lot of really rad crayons. (yes I said rad. It has been popping up in my vocabulary lately. I think it is way better than sweet. Is it just me or is it making a comeback?) I am already planning a fairy party for Lilly when she is 3 or 4 (and can really appreciate it) and I will be using all the woodland creature molds.
Oh, Bake It Pretty, I love you.

After thinking about last year's party, I am looking forward to this year's parties.
I had a spread of robot birthday party pulled out of the now shuttered Cookie magazine and I showed it to James. After he made this, I was pretty sure he'd like the idea.
He does.
So James is having a robot birthday. We will be making robot costumes, like these:

(from Cookie magazine)
doing robot dancing with our robot costumes on, and eating this cake:

(from Cookie magazine)
Well, he thinks we'll be eating this cake, but Mommy isn't so sure of her cake decorating skills. Cupcakes I can do. A robot cake? I'm not so sure about that.
But I do think that these robot candy molds from Bake It Pretty would be really cool as crayons and sent home with some vintage robot coloring sheets.
Or made into chocolate robot pops.
Would that get me off the hook for the cake?

(from Bake It Pretty)
I think the robot party is going to be a lot of fun. I'm excited.

William likes robots too, so I suggested he and James could have their robot party together.
Of course, William had different ideas. He doesn't want a robot party. And so I say, "well you only have a birthday once a year, why not make it special? Of course you can have your own party dearest."
He wants an ewok birthday party.
Well, that's just going to be cinchy, isn't it? (cinchy. Remember that one? I love it!)
When I googled it, all I found was this creepy cake that I would never be able to make. Or eat. Yikes!

I did, however, come across this ewok costume which William would love. They make it in toddler sizes. My William, who says things like, "I just love kitty cats and Natalie," who loves all baby animals, who wanted to grow up and be a honey bee for the longest time, really would wear this costume. And love it.
Except when people noticed him and said he was cute. Then he'd get really mad and say, "I'm not cute, I'm cool!" and rip off the costume and run out of the room crying.
OK, I'm not too sure about the costume.

But aside from the cake and costume, I've got nothin.
This is going to take a little pondering. Good thing I am married to Mr. Creative. And no, I am not being sarcastic. Aaron will come up with some awesome ideas. Thanks goodness.

As for Lilly, I don't even know what kind of party to have for her. I am not inspired just yet. My mind is rather full of robots and ewoks. Thankfully her birthday isn't until the end of June, so I have some time.
I do wish though, that I could incorporate these:

(from Bake It Pretty)
Do you remember how much you loved bubble gum cigarettes when you were a kid. Remember that big puff of powdered sugar "smoke" you'd send out.
Oh those were the days.
But I suppose they are not super appropriate for a 2 year old birthday. Especially since I don't even let my kids chew gum. (Yeah, I'm that mom. Do you think I want to deal with 3 little kids getting gum who knows where? Well, I don't.) And I'm surprised they even sell these anymore. They are so un-pc.
Maybe when someone plans my birthday party, they'll include these.

For further birthday party inspiration, here are a few blogs with fabulous party ideas. If only I could pull off something a 10th as good, I would be so proud.
1. Inchmark Journal Go here and look under parties or kids. You'll be wildly inspired.
2. Blonde Designs. This is a plethora of perfect party ideas! Go here.
3. Party Perfect is a new to me blog and I adore it! You'll find all kinds of wonderful stuff here.

Well, I'm pooped and the party hasn't even started. Here's to happy birthdays and going to bed with good thoughts in my head.


Anonymous said...

The cigarettes are too funny! I totally rememer those!!
I love planning parties for my girlies too, it is fun to come up with fun original ideas, maybe we could start a birthday party business!

Unknown said...

Well Greta, I'm that mom too... I just started allowing gum LAST year! It only takes a few gum episodes to make a firm rule about it. When it becomes an issue, you can tell them that we didn't allow gum until the kids were 16, 14, 12, and 8!

Tammy Callis said...

Oh, wow can't wait to see these parties! I've got to get started on Grace's 1st birthday plans, how can it have been a year already? Also, I just checked out inchmark journal for the first time. Seriously, wildly inspiring! I could spend an entire day looking at all her posts.

Betsi* said...

I have had to do a solar system party, complete with completely round Saturn cake, a children of the world party, a city themed party (that's right, just city), a Lord of the Rings party with Shire cake, a Katy the Caterpillar (cartoon from my childhood that Benny loved at three)party, the list goes on and continues to be bizarre.
Autism makes the most unique parties!

Four Flights said...

I have a new rule, no blog searching late at night because then I can't sleep from all the ideas in my head!!! Great ideas, especially the cigarettes. I loved those as a kid, and they are SO UN-PC!!! Glad to see that not all things have been destroyed with the PC movement :) Maybe you could dress Lilly in a white t-shirt and put a pack of these rolled up in her sleeve?

Lori said...

I'm already planning my oldest daughter's 6th bday and it isn't till August, so I love you. Thanks for the links to check out as well!

PS - I thought I was super cool for making heart-shaped crayons each year for V-day... I bow to your superior creative mind! :)

PSS - I have a giveaway - you should enter!