Sunday, March 28, 2010

Who is That Masked Man?

I'm married to an artist. The kind of an artist who paints paintings of canned-ham trailers, the letter F, Converse high tops and the word ICE. The kind of artist who finds art in unexpected places.
We hung the ICE painting in the kitchen.
It looks rad. (yes I said rad. I'm still testing it out. I don't think it's going to work for me.)
My favorite part, besides the red of course, is how he left the wood grain showing at the top of the letters. I really like that.
This weekend, he went on a little retreat. I had mine last week, and I felt like I needed to give him the same space for his soul.
He came home with lots of pictures and told me, "I'm ready to paint! Tonight!" (Although the kids were pretty needy tonight, so they may have sucked the energy right out of him. They are sometimes terribly good at that.)
Here's a glimpse of his retreat: Palm Springs, Idyllwild and Banning.
And also, a glimpse into my man's brain.
He likes:
Mid Century chandeliers
Orange, wire rocking chairs
Modern lines
Expensive cars
Old Caddies
and VW buses
Giant dinosaurs
Vintage trailers
Old signs
(man do I hope we get a painting of this one!)
Neon lights and great lettering
The desert
The mountains
I have said before that I have learned so much from Aaron about art, about seeing it in unexpected places. Aaron has given me the confidence to create my own artistic sensibility. I can admire a snowy peak as much as the lines of a car. I appreciate beat up, old signs and clean, modern furniture.
Because that is really what it all comes down to: find the things that inspire you, that bring you delight and just go with that.

So, what are the things that inspire your artistic sensibility?
If you say Thomas Kincaid, I'll still be your friend, but we are going to have to have a difference of opinion of that one.


Lillian said...

I loved the juxtaposition of the peach blossoms and the snow covered mountains. Very Asian.

Anonymous said...

All these pictures are amazing.
And I LOVE the ICE print.
Love it.