Sunday, March 28, 2010

52 Lists --The Things I Love About Spring

I have fallen in love with Spring.
Here are some of my favorite things about Spring.

52 Lists # 6:
Some of the Things I Love About Spring

1. Yellow Ranunculus. The first bouquet of flowers Aaron ever brought me were yellow ranunculus. I was hosting my first dinner party, we had just met, and he arrived at the door with his hands full of bright, yellow ranunculus.
I was 17.
I was smitten.
I still am.
2. Yellow Daffodils. Because of Baby Dear.
3. Green Grass. Summer here turns everything golden brown, which I used to despise but have learned to love. But the hills all covered in green are something I wait for all year long.
4. Strawberries. Don't they smell intoxicating?
5. Breakfast on the patio. Is there anything better?
6. Open windows. After having them closed all winter, it's the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning. It's like letting the outside in.
7. Poppies. Because they are beautiful. Because they remind me of this.
8. The Farmers Market. It is a riot of color, scents and more delicious possibilities than I can cook up in one week. It is so hard to use self control.
9. Desserts with fruit. Like strawberry shortcake. Recipe to come. The best ever.
10. Being outside. That's where I am: feeling the sun, letting the wind whip through my hair, smelling the blossoms, reading under a tree, picnicking on the grass and enjoying it all immensely.

So what are your favorite things about Spring?
Hoping your Monday allows you a little time to remember it's Spring and that you find a way to enjoy it.

Almost forgot. Tomorrow night I am going to see Molly of Orangette. Yes, that Molly! She is doing a book discussion and signing at this book store in LA. If you love her blog and can head up there, you should go support her. And tell me you are going so I can look for you. You'll find all the info here for LA and here for her other stops. Go see her!

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Lillian said...

This is a beautiful posting Greta. I love lists, and yours are so inspired. The picture of the rununculus is stunning. The yellow rununculus are my favorite I think.