Wednesday, April 21, 2010

As Promised-- Some Vintage Treasures

Last Thursday was an exceptionally good day. My parent's kept the kids overnight for us and when I dropped them at my parent's my mom suggested I hit an estate sale she knew about. It wasn't open yet, but maybe they'd give me a chance to pre-shop. They did and I did and it was glorious.
It is much easier to find treasures at an estate sale when I don't have my 3 darlings with me. I still do it, but I am not going to lie, doing it alone was way more fun.

The goods:
This lamp. I have seen and longed for lamps just like this at The Vintage Collective. They always cost at least $100. This one was $10. Cha-ching!
I am thinking I'll try to clean off the base.
But that body is so nice, I don't mind putting a little elbow grease into it.
Vintage Fiesta bowl. Orange is such a hard color to find.
I love a splash of orange around the house, don't you?
Look at this salt and pepper shaker! Owls! I love it! This was actually what got me headed over to the estate sale in the first place. My mom had bought this for 50 cents when she just stopped by to chat. I loved it so much she gave it to me.
Don't I have a nice Mommy?
And some more kitchen darlings.
These little, old fashioned cook books make me happy.
They are frame worthy, indeed.
Red plastic juicer for 15 cents. Sold! How cheery is this?
And this sweet little butter dish--I now own 4 butter dishes. That is certifiable. But it was 20 cents. Some one make me stop.
I also found a small vintage globe, But I forgot to take a picture of it. It's really cute. Trust me.
I don't get to do estate sales as often as I'd like. As I said, doing it with the kids makes it a bit of a challenge.
That is probably for the best, though. I think I have enough butter dishes to last me the rest of my days.
See you tomorrow friends.


Betsi* said...

I LOVE a great garage/estate sale! There is nothing like the thrill of the hunt, the vision to see it re-furbished and the outcome when you can't help but tell admirers "Oh that? I got that for a buck" or better yet, "Ganked that off a curb" or the even more fulfilling "Pulled it out of a garbage bin".
Looking at all your projects makes me want to go mid-century and bright and cheery right along with you! I think I'm too deeply entrenched in french flea market/ architectural salvage at this point though...

Jennifer said...

SCORE! amazing finds. love them. how fun.

stefani said...

Dang girl, you did GOOD!