Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Calling All Bloggers and a Little More of This and That

Hi friends. I have much to tell you about, so get a paper and pen. You'll want to take notes.
First off, Blog Sugar.
I am so excited about this event, I can't even tell you. If you are a southern Californian blogger or want to be blogger, you need to come. You can meet other bloggers, network, score some sweet swag and eat and drink some tasty treats.
It will be fun,
Rachel of Number 17 Cherry Tree Lane is hosting. I love her blog and I just know Blog Sugar will be great too. Please check out this link and let her know if you want to attend. I am hoping you will. Don't be shy.

Next up. 1 Canoe 2, an Etsy shop.
I really, really like their stuff. The state prints are awesome. I have only ever been to the airport in Texas, but this print makes me want to go there. Or at least hang a little bit of Texas on my wall.
See more prints here.
I also like this feather one.
And the bikes.
You know I like the hand-made goods. So check them out and maybe get a little new art for you walls.

Or, you could get some art for your hair.
What? Just take a look at The Headband Shoppe and you'll know what I mean.
Aren't these incredibly beautiful? I love the things in this shop. All hand-made beauties to adorn your head. She uses feathers. They are so delicate and elegant looking.
The best part is this shop is run by my friend Loiusa. Louisa, who used to be 13 and sit on my bed for Bible study and discussing details about my wedding. Louisa, who sewed me a quilt with the 3 other sweeties I discipled, and gave it to me as a wedding gift. I still have that quilt and all my babies have slept on it.
Now she is all grown up and planning her own wedding.
And running this sweet shop that you must check out.
I am hoping she'll start a blog about her wedding (in her spare time) because I know it it going to be beautiful.

Last. You may or may not have noticed that I added a followers button to my side bar. I would really love it if you became a follower of this blog. I know some of you, my dear readers, don't have accounts with Blogger. It is very easy to sign up. And you can even be "anonymous" if you don't want to have your name appear in my follower box. Just knowing you are reading along means a lot. Really it does.
You can also follow me on Facebook. There is a box for that too, right on my side bar. Just click on it and follow the directions. It is very easy. And once you follow me on Facebook, it makes my blog posts come up on your wall so you don't even have to type in my blog address to see new posts. Easy breezy!
And, just one more tiny thing, if you also read my other blog, Lilly and the Brothers, why not become a follower over there too? Thanks. Like I said, it is so nice to know who is out there with me.
I know you are reading, but I'd love to know just who is reading.
So please, will you follow along with me?
Thanks friends.

Love from Greta


Four Flights said...

you know I'm following Greta! And I know you read mine too, but perhaps you can do the same on my blog (that is follow)? :)
also, are you not so excited for Blog Sugar?!? I'm attending a planning meeting with Rachel tomorrow to get things all nice and organized. We have some great ideas!

Nicole said...

Hey Greta! This is Nicole (Escarra). I love both of your blogs and wanted you to know. :)

Stefani said...

Oooooooh! So much goodness! Thanks for the introduction to these great finds!

Tammy Callis said...

I'm in for blog sugar...what fun! You know I actually started a blog and I posted on it a whole 2 times, the last time being sometime in 2008...perhaps this will give me that kick start I need.
And the feather headbands, you know how I love feathers and hair accessories! Also, I love the name Louisa, I'll have to keep that in my brain for child #3!