Friday, April 23, 2010

Dreaming of Vintage Trailers

I wanted to post this yesterday, but it was my boy's 6th birthday and we were celebrating.
But it is only Saturday morning and there is still plenty of time for a weekend excursion. Even if it is only in your dreams.
I give you travel trailers, another vintage item I am now obsessing over. Come along and dream with me!

We saw these at the campground last weekend and now I am ready to hitch one on and go.

First, the retro trailer. Retro, as far as I understand the term, is not the same thing as vintage. It is a new item, made to look vintage. Like these next two trailers. Not only are they quite adorable, but there is also something to be said for modern amenities in your camping quarters. I find them quite aesthetically pleasing and you know, that is very important.

Next up, the VW camper van. We really like these. Not quite trailer, I know. But still cool enough to be part of our lives, for sure.
This one isn't retro and probably not quite old enough to be vintage, but those strings of lights put them in the running. Nice touch, folks.
Align LeftThis one is vintage and the classic surfing camper van. If my dreams of really learning to surf ever come true (anyone want to send me to surf camp?) I think I'd love to hit the beach campground with my trio of blondies and our surfboards strapped to the top. California dreaming, baby.
But these ones, oh sweet vintage goodness! There were 3 of them, a colony, sharing a campsite together. All true, vintage pop tops. They are just plain cool. Awesome. Rad. Keen.

Two were tan and the third orange, It was my favorite. If any of you would like to purchase one of these and we can form our own vintage VW camping caravan, call me. It would be great.

In the end, though, my heart still loves the truly vintage trailer best. The iconic, pull along variety. There are lots of them around. i know. Aaron has spent hours on Craigslist drooling over them.
The classic silver--a whole lot cheaper than an Airstream, and really, still very cool.
My hands down favorite for the weekend was this one.
The shape, the size, the COLOR!
Even the hubcaps are cute!
I know vintage isn't the easiest way to go, a Winnebago or a new travel trailer would be the way to go for that. But I am not known for taking the easy way. That's why I bake from scratch, paint it myself, and hunt at estate sales.
Sometimes I like to do it old school.
Unless of course, we are talking about the RV we'll be driving across the country in.
Since we're dreaming and all.
Happy trails to you, friends.
Love from Greta


Tammy Callis said...

Oh,the VW camping vans, GLORIOUS! Hopefully, I'll own one someday. That last blue camper is so cute! It has Eskridges written all over it.

farmgirl said...

Well, they are all stylishly quirky and whisper of adventures to unfold, but I vote for the vintage VW bus. My family had one growing up--and Greta--it was turquoise! How I wish my parents still had that bus today! Happy dreaming!
Love, Cassie