Monday, April 12, 2010

This and That

We finally hung my cuckoo clock this weekend. It's only been 2 months. But we have good excuses. The pendulum was missing so we needed to go back to the store, which isn't right next door. But mostly, we didn't know where to hang it.
There was one place that seemed just perfect. The only place really. But it is a high traffic area and we thought it might just be too tempting to pull on those chains.
We hung it there anyway and thus far no one has bothered it at all. Not even Miss Trouble.
I love the sound of its tick-tock. And I have to say that when that little bird comes out of his house to cuckoo at us, we all love it. The kids run to the clock to look at it. Every time. James and William are hyper aware of time now and this clock has increased their desire to learn to tell time. James also wants to learn Roman numerals.
I love that cuckoo clock. I am already dreaming of my next one.
Thanks babe, for such a thoughtful and awesome gift.

Other fun stuff is happening around here. Last Friday was a stay at home all day because we have had a busy week and just need to chill at home kind of day.
I decided it was high time I get this end table painted. Cause that is how I chill out.
The boys helped me sand it and I began painting it. I asked Aaron to paint the inside of the handles because he has a much steadier hand than I do. He sweetly took over the whole operation. That means it will look much, much better than if I did it. It also means there are no pictures to show you yet because he does things like sand after he puts on a new coat.
Like I said, it will look much, much better since he's doing it.
Pictures in a couple days. I can't wait.

Also, we're going to get our house painted! Whoo hoo! You can't imagine how excited we are. Well, if you have been to our house and seen how hideous it is, then you will understand how exciting it is. Having it painted means a lot of other things we want to do can move forward like a new gate, landscaping the front yard, and building a back patio to name a few. We know it won't all happen at once, or even right away, but it is fun to have dreams of what is to come.

It is also fun to pick paint colors.
Astonishingly, both Aaron and I hit on this same color scheme for the house without even talking to each other or seeing the other's choice. Aaron has very strong opinions about color. So do I, although not as strong as his, so this is pretty amazing.
Right now we are liking this color combo. The light wasn't so great when I took this photo, but you are looking at a sort of grey green, sea glass, an olive, bay leaf, and a red orange, untamed orange. The lightest color would be the base color and the other 2 colors for the trim. The front door would be orange.
It is a lot different than our original idea of bright white, turquoise and orange or apple green, but I like this direction. It is still mid century. Just more ranch and less atomic. No matter what, it will look better than what we have.

I am also working on some curtains for the kids' room. Hoping to have pictures to show you by Wednesday.

I am having fun with projects right now.
Also, wanted to share some blogs with you that I have been reading lately.
1. I just found this one last night. Kelle takes amazing pictures of her kids and her life with them. They are just beautiful. But what drew me in was this story--the birth story of her daughter, born with Downs Syndrome. She had no idea her daughter had Downs until they placed her in her arms. I am so impressed by her honesty and openness. Read it when you have a few minutes and some tissues.
2. I have become a big fan of this blog. Rachel shares my love of all things vintage, but she also writes wonderfully about motherhood and life. You'll want to browse around.
3. I am really trying to gain a little fashion sense from the posts on this blog. Andrea has this great section called "playgrounds and lollipops" with her tips on fashion for moms. While I know I will never be as fashionable as she is, I am trying to put in a little extra effort when I get dressed in the morning.
4. This blog is brand new. You should read from the beginning and you'll be amazed at what an incredible lady my friend Katie is.
5. This is a great blog. Of course I LOVE it--it's about vintage children's books. Check this one out--one of my favorite authors and very favorite illustrators. I'd love to have this one. (hint hint) She does a give away every Monday so check in!

All right, I think that is enough to keep you busy for a while! I'll be back tomorrow with my Lego organizing reveal as well as 2, new to me Etsy shops I want to share with you.
Happy Tuesday, friends!


Katie @ minivan diva said...

I LOVE your color scheme. You guys have such a great sense of style and direction with your home.
P.S. Thanks for the blog shout out!

Betsi* said...

Love the color scheme! A little word of warning: if the paint is Dunn Edwards, I did a large sample of Sea Glass and found that it looks really minty green. If this is the direction you wanna go, hurray!
Love, Betsi*

Four Flights said...

Oh Greta, thanks so much for the shout out! I really appreciate the kind words. And I'm going cuckoo over that cuckoo clock!