Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Customized Curtains with IKEA Fabric and a Little Bit of Rick-Rack

I have a hard time waiting when I want to get something done. Just ask my husband. I become rather fixated, with my eyes on the prize so to speak. I think it drives him a little crazy, but he is so nice he would never say so.
I am beginning to understand how he feels though, since I am now raising this child.
Honey, I'm sorry.
Anyway, sometimes it is a good idea to wait because then you can figure out what you really want. And it might take a while but it will be worth it in the end.
We have lived in our house for 11 months now.
It took me at least 6 months to take the sheets out of the window in the kids' room. I just could not come up with a clear picture of what I wanted. I knew I wanted something, and it was driving me crazy to have those stupid sheets hanging up there every night, but nothing was happening.
I finally made a move.
Roller shades.
Oh yeah. Super exciting.
It doesn't usually take me this long to do something, but I didn't want to buy boring old blinds or curtains. I wanted something custom. And my time and money were being directed elsewhere.
Finally, I saw some fabric at IKEA and I hit upon inspiration.
It was wild, bight and colorful fabric. Even for me, the queen of color.
So I did this.
I used Heat and Bond (if you have never used this product, I can not recommend it enough. It is a no-sew miracle! It is even washable.) to attach the pieces of fabric I cut out to plain white curtains I bought at Target.
I even thought I might do some decorative sewing around some of the pieces with bright;y colored embroidery thread.
In the end, I really liked the result.
But there was still something missing. They needed something to tie them together.
They needed something orange to tie them to all the orange in the room.
They needed rick-rack.
So I put on a little rick-rack and I was very, very happy with the outcome.
Now I want to put rick-rack on everything.
I will try to control myself.
But it will be hard.

I still think the curtains need a few more of the fabric pieces added to them. It seemed like so much when it was on the fabric itself as a whole, but separated and on that vast expanse of white, they don't seem nearly as overwhelming.
So I will get another yard and add a few more things.
I plan on using the rest for pillows for the boys. They really liked their curtains and want pillows with trees, polka dots and animals. I can use the Heat and Bond for that too.
In fact, I think I might be customizing some plain colored throw pillows for the couch and my bed using this method. There are a world of possibilities before me!

Cost Breakdown:
In case you are wondering if it is worth it to customize your own curtains or just buy some, here is the cost breakdown.
Fabric 1 yard--$7.99
Curtains--$14.99 xs 2
Heat and Bond 2 yards --$3
4 packages large rick-rack--$7
Total --$47.97

I probably could have found curtains for cheaper than this on sale somewhere, or just put up with the plain white ones. But I wanted to customize them. I am really happy with the way they came out and I can't tell you how good it feels to look at something and know you made it just the way you wanted.
In the end, I am glad I waited for just the right inspiration. I will try to remember this. OK honey?
Love from,


Lillian said...

Very cute dear, and very you> It's a good thing.

Betsi said...

You can't go wrong with rick-rack or ball fringe! <~my motto

Simply Brookes said...

So cute, Greta. Love the post,and the rick rack. Go coo coo with it. How can you not love anything with rick, rack...or pom pom fringe (another fav for our embellished towels)?

Brooke G. said...

Greta - those are darling curtains. I so love rick-rack, anything with rick-rack! :D

Annie said...

I am inspired. Love the rick-rack. So what am I going to work on this weekend? You've got me thinking. :)