Monday, May 3, 2010

Aaron's Art at the Tiki Garage Sale

So.....add it to my list. No website yet. Turns out I need a little help and Aaron was busy getting ready for this.
The Tiki Garage sale at Bamboo Ben's in Huntington Beach. You can get a peek at a bit of his art to whet your appetite for the new digs we'll be inhabiting soon.

Along with some of his paintings, he also sold some of his linoleum block prints.
Trailer. Available in 3 different colors.
Lawn chair. Iconic summer backyard.
Sam's sign. If you've driven PCH through Sunset Beach in the past 30 or so years, you've seen, and loved, the Sam's sign.
The booth was actually a family affair. Our brother in law, Mark, sold tiki buttons.
And Aaron's Dad, Scootiki, sold tikis. He's the one who got Aaron here in the first place. He carves amazing tikis. These are just a few. You can see more here.
It was perfect weather for perusing tiki goods.
Even the kiddos liked it.
I especially liked him.
It was a good day at Bamboo Ben's. The only thing I have to say about the tiki crowd is, some of them take the whole tiki thing a little too far.
Thanks for hanging in there with me while we get our stuff up and running. I'll be here with regular posts this week since I'll have Mr. Linoleum Block Print around a bit more to help me with other things. Although he did say he has tons of ideas for new prints.
We might have to set up the studio for both of us or we'll never see each other.

Happy Monday, friends.


simply brookes: said...

Love it all! Did you sell it all? Make big profits? Hit the big time?

Great shots and fun nice all the fam got in on it.

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

what a fun way to spend the day! love those prints, too.