Thursday, May 27, 2010

Typewriter, I Love You

I have fallen hard.
For typewriters.
The clack. The ding. The feel. The look.
James and William have fallen too.
They want one.
James immediately figured out how it works.
It's so tactile. So immediate. They responded to that.
"I can use it to write a whole book," James told me.
William said, "I thought it was a computer Mommy. But I like it better than a computer."

It seems we'll have to be getting one of these for ourselves.
Or maybe 2. 3. Well, 4, because I am sure Miss Lil will have to have one too.
I think typing will be part of next year's curriculum.
I have been busy making. Making a fun little project for Blog Sugar and for whenever anyone asks me about my blog. Because you know they do.
All the time.
Why bother buying business cards when you can make your own with vintage library book cards and typewriters?

However, all this making means the chocolate chip banana bread, the ratatouille, the amazing salad we had for dinner tonight and the bagels I want to boil are not going to make it into the blog this week.
I'm sorry.
But there is always next week.
Hoping to have pictures for you tomorrow of the finished product.
And, if you see a typewriter in your day to day life, let me know.
We're ready to adopt.
Love from,


Tammy Callis said...

I know, how can you not fall in love. Ryan bought me a baby blue typewriter a couple years ago and I adore it! You are inspiring me to use it more often. Did you see soule mamas post? Each of her kids have a typewriter and there is an adorable picture of them all spread out on a blanket.....creating away!

Betsi* said...

I used to type all my reports on my mom's old typewriter, even after we got our first computer! I just loved the feel, the sound and even the smell of white out! ;)
I felt the same way about my sewing machine when I got it. Like, this is the best thing in the world! Why would anyone want to buy anything else?

Helen Ellis said...

I love my 1969 burnt orange Royal manual typewriter so much I made a quick video tribute on my vlog, ( Enjoy!
Helen Ellis