Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Weekend in Pictures and the Letter B (List #11)

Oh my this weekend was busy.
I hit a couple garage sales, hosted a baby shower, went to the Farmers Market and to church, the beach and on a date with my hubby.
I'm still wiped out.

Here's the weekend in pictures and the letter B.  It's list # 11 by the way.
More details to come later.

1.  Bags

2.  Baby Shower

3.  Box

4.  Box # 2

5.  Bottle

6.  Breakfast

7.  Beach

8.  BBQ Potato Chips

9.  Boogie Boards

10.  Blondie

11.  Black hills

12.  And for fun:

Enjoy the cryptic post.  Tomorrow the kids and I are heading to the beach twice.  In the am for our weekly beach date with friends and then the afternoon for a bday party. After the party I have book club.
More than likely I will not be posting any info on these pics tomorrow night.  But I'll give you all the info soon.
Scouts honor.

By the way, totally cheating on these lists now.  I'm turning everything into a list.
Happy Tuesday!
Love from,


Simply Brookes said...

You know I love a good list. Great photos and great fun. You have a good life and I love peeking in it.

Keep up the good work.

farmgirl said...

Beautiful Buns on Blondie!
You are one Busy Blogger!
By the way, the Baby shower decor was Breathtaking!