Thursday, August 19, 2010

Garage Sale Treasures -- Worn but Worth It & the List (#10)

The other day, James wanted to know why it is cold at the South Pole if it is in the south.  Isn't is supposed to be cold in the north and hot in the south?
So I got out our globe, a flashlight and we learned about the equator.
After we were done, we left the globe on the table.

When I saw it this morning, I realized how much I love that globe.  And the table cloth underneath it.
They are 2 of my most favorite treasures.

Neither one is perfect.  Maybe that is why no one else bought them.
The globe had a decent size rip in the paper.  It was easily repaired with a dab of glue, but the seam still shows.
I don't mind one bit.  
Anyway, isn't it  better to pay $2 for a globe that is a bit worn than pay $20 (or more?) for a new one while the old one gets tossed in the trash?

And then there is this table cloth.  
This is my favorite table cloth of all time.  
I have never seen another one like it.  I love the colors and the design.
I'd like to hang it on the wall as art, but I love to use it on my table too much.
It gives me great joy to see it on my table.
Is that weird?

It has some stains on it that I can't get off.  When I bought it I thought I'd just turn it into pillows or something.  But you know, the stains don't even bother me now.
It's old.  It's not perfect.

I think we are too quick to chuck things.  Or we buy things for the "right now" that don't last or aren't really what we want because we are in such a hurry to get it done or just have something.

I am terrible about this.  Therefore I end up with a lot of donations to our local women's shelter.  However, I am trying to be better.  I want to be a better steward with my money and less wasteful with things.  We're reading the Little House on the Prairie books and it is very inspiring.

In our family, Aaron is a champ at this.  I am learning.  As evidence to this fact, my laundry room window is bare and waiting until I find just the right material for the curtain.  The rest of the room is done and it is killing me to not have the window finished. But I am making myself wait until I find what I really want instead of settling for something now and getting rid of it later.

This post seems to have morphed into a sermon on saving, so I might as well end with this point.  Another helpful thing I have found while garage saling, thrifting or estate saling is to have a list of items I want or need and and keep an eye out for them.
I have found a salad spinner, a citrus reamer, and countless other things I had planned on buying new but didn't have to.  Why buy a citrus reamer for $5 when you can get it for a quarter?  If you don't mind waiting a bit for something, there is a good chance you can find it if you keep your eyes open. 
Just don't forget to make that list.  Otherwise you'll be sure to walk right past that waffle iron you've been looking for.

Just a few things on my current list:
Canning supplies
Cast iron skillets
Club cook wear
Typewriters (duh)
Vintage wooden Fisher Price puzzles
Old coffee cans 
Vintage office supplies/accessories
Dress up clothes for my kids
*That's List # 10, by the way.

So do you have a list?  What's on it?
Garage sales often start on Fridays now.  I'll be out tomorrow looking for some coffee cans...
Love from,


feather said...

i love this post. i am an avid thrifter. and, really, why pay for brand new when the previously used has so much fore character?

on my list?
always down-filled throw pillows
handmade quilts
white dishes
vintage sheets and pillowcases

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

love!!!! that table cloth. such a great find! i don't have much luck at garage sales, i think it's all the college kids that live around here. so i stick with thrift stores.

Betsi* said...

Apparently we both need to go yard saling this weekend! Hehe

On my list?
vintage sewing patterns and notions
vintage tablecloths, linens
vintage blown glass ornaments
cheese plain
rolling tool chest (for the husband)

Christ in the Chaos said...

I'm finally getting to do my bedroom so I have a few things.

A large brown throw or blanket for the end of my bed.
interesting throw pillows
a chair for the corner like the one I saw yesterday at Cost Plus for $169
a trivet to set my little fountain on that sits on my dresser
Oh and my new obsession-extra large mason type jars for the shelf over my kitchen sink.

I guess I should start actually going to garage sales now.

p.s.I can't wait to see your laundry room pics. I need to paint mine and do a fun curtain