Monday, August 16, 2010

List #9 --The Things I Won't Miss About Braces

Look who got her braces off!
One week ago, I spent 2.5 hours in the orthodontist chair.  After they were off, they brought me balloons and sang "You Got Your Braces Off Today, Hurrah!" to the tune of The Ants Went Marching One By One.  
It was slightly embarrassing.

I hadn't seen my teeth in 4 years.  I've missed them.
I was so excited I scheduled a haircut for that night, and Aaron let me run off the minute he came home.
Short hair, no silver on my teeth--I felt like a new woman!
The next night we went to the fair and I took a turn in the photo booth, solo, to document this momentous occasion.
If you've had braces, you know what I'm talking about.

Since I am horribly behind on my lists, I decided this would be the perfect time to write 
# 9.
Here it it.

List # 9: The Things I Won't Miss About Braces

1.  Waking up every morning with my lips stuck to my braces.  I had to peel them off.  No, I'm not joking.
2.  Constant cuts on the inside of my lips because of the small people in my house who have no concept of the weapon like force of their heads.  
3.  Constant canker sores on the inside of my lips from said cuts, from said heads.  4 years of canker sores people!  It is amazing I was ever nice to anyone.
4.  Picking my teeth.  Nuts, popcorn, salad, crab cakes, corn on the cob--just a few of the worst offenders.
5.  Always wondering if my sore teeth were from cavities or the braces.  It was always the braces.
6.  Having to explain to everyone that I got braces because of my receding gums.  That makes me feel like I am 80.
7.  Kissing my husband with braces.
8.  Telling my husband not to kiss me because my mouth/lips hurt too much.
9.  Getting the bristles of my toothbrush stuck in my braces.
10.  People saying, "you still have those on?"  It's like saying, "you're still pregnant?"  

The morning I was headed out to get the braces off, I was quite nervous.  William made me a card of he and I holding hands to help me be brave.
he also told me, "I'm glad you're getting your braces off so you can look like a normal human again."
So sweet.
I'm hoping it was just the braces that made me look abnormal.  

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Betsi* said...

You have always been beautiful but that smile really shines now! I had braces during my incredibly awkward phase (I think it's over now?). I still have the scars on the inside of my lips!
Welcome to the straight and smooth teethed world!

farmgirl said...

Having endured braces and headgear, list number 9 has me laughing so hard I am crying. In a good way. You don't just look normal... you're beautiful! Can't wait to see those pearly whites in person.

elsie said...

I've had braces 3 times, that's what you get for not wearing your retainer, seriously you look GORGEOUS!

simply brookes: said...

You look stunning. I love your list. With three daughters in braces I bet they could appreciate your list even more than me. Oh, and Tess gets her's off in two weeks! Yeah!

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

i had braces for 3 years so i am feeling your pain, and joy! :) you look so cute with your new cut and new smile. have a happy day!

Lillian said...

You look just fantastic...but I always think you look darling. I love the hair cut...can't wait to see you in person. Your smile has always been one of your very best features. I have to look at the picture again...did I see your eyes?

valerie said...

greta you look gorgeous and I love your post about the 9 things you will not miss....and btw, your post about your sister on your other blog made my heart happy. Sisters are a great thing....but brothers are too! :)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget keep using a retainer! Your teeth will move back. I still use my retainer once a week after removed my braces 10 years ago. You got a beautiful small! :)