Monday, August 16, 2010

Finding Art in the Mundane: Vintage Jar Lids (and a giveaway!)

Our house was built in 1952.  We bought it from the original owners.  Before we closed escrow, the sellers asked to meet us.  They were selling their parent's home, their childhood home, and they wanted to meet the family who would be moving in.
At first we thought it was a bit odd, but in the end it turned out to be a wonderful thing. I loved hearing stories about the family that lived here before us, the escapades and adventures of the 3 sons, how their mom made blackberry jam from thier bushes and how their dad passed out grapefruit and avocados to the neighbors.  You can read about it here.

The sons were also pleased to give us many of the things around the house that they didn't want themselves and couldn't imagine anyone else wanting.  I inherited some of their mom's bowls and sewing notions.  We got the high-fi and a modern looking end table.  

Aaron found his paradise in the garage.  He got an old push mower.  A vacuum that looks more like a futuristic piece of sculpture than a cleaning tool, and many other odds and ends that make up the garage of an old man who has puttered around in there for over 50 years.  

Odds and ends like these:

I discovered them last week when I was cleaning and organizing Aaron's studio for him.
Can you guess how they were being used?
Yep.  In the ultimate old man way--nailed under a shelf holding a jar full of nails, screws or bolts.
And despite the nail holes, I think they are just fabulous.
I'm hoping Aaron does a painting of them.
And that's the thing about art.  You can find it anywhere.
Take a closer look at some of them.

There are so many reasons I love these lids.
Of course, the fact that they are vintage makes me love them from the start.
But also, I love the type.  The colors.  The images.  The design.
Can jar lids really be art?
You betcha!
So can lawn chairs.
Like this:

This is my next giveaway.
Another hand carved, limited edition, linoleum block print by my husband, Aaron.
If you want a bit of retro summer hanging in your house, then this is your lucky day.
Just leave a comment here and you'll be entered to win.
For extra entries, become a follower, share on facebook or your own blog.  
You know the drill.
I'll close comments next Sunday, the 22nd, and announce the winner the next day.

And yes, this give away is to celebrate my braces coming off.  They're off and it feels so good to have my mouth free of metal.
I'll post a pic soon.  Promise.
Happy Monday.  
Love from,


Heather said...

What a fun find! I love finding things and wondering about thier history! I am going to keep trying till I win some art from your Aaron! Love you guys!

Life with Littles said...

Of course I want to win something from my favorite artist!

Oh yah, and I LOVE the jar lids. I think the holes are great too.

Hello, I'm Emily Clare. said...

Those jar lids are fantastic! We have an old house, too. I love it's quirks!

Betsi* said...

I wish you could have been with Jenny, Mom and I when we happened upon the Whistlestop Junk Shop in Auburn last week! It was a picker's dream! Grab as many treasures as you can rummage out of the piles and barter for an incredible deal with the grisly old bearded owner.
I'm gonna have to put a post about it I think!

farmgirl said...

Love the vintage typography.
And the linoleum print!
Rats! All we found hidden away in our 1947 LB abode was... rats!

MyFender said...

Love the post and Love your husbands Art Work! :o)
Amy Parker

Erin McDonald said...

That is soooo cute Greta! I would love it but shipping would be a pile so I am just going to say If I win send it to my friend Marrisa Gosset for me she would love it! We spent the most wonderful summer day with them driving through Orange looking at super cool moder homes in the Fairhaven neighborhood. And looking at that lawn chair reminded of that day! I miss lazy Saterday's relaxing in a lawn chair with a bunch of friends! Love you!

Lisa said...

what is it about old stuff like that? Reminders of our youth? I remember eating miracle whip on white bread as a kid...old-guy junk is the best!! so would your young guy artwork hanging in my house :D
enter me please!!!!

Kitty said...

When we were remodeling our downstairs bathroom we found a super old box of irish spring soap in the ceiling - who knew!

Jenny said...

Yay for no more brace face! What freedom! So, the reason I need this print is because those were the exact chairs we had while I was growing up. Wait--they are the exact chairs my parents still have! I just sat in one on the beach. At one point the straps wore out on one chair, but, no worries, my dad got new straps and re-wove it himself. Made to last.

mygirl said...

hi greta, i love the print and i love your blog so i was just excited to share about you on my blog here: and my facebook too. i feel kinda greedy saying i'm a follower too, but what the heck, i like to win so i'll take all the chances i can get. and by the way i love your new look!