Saturday, August 14, 2010

For Breakfast: Oatmeal Pancakes from Scratch

It's not just because I like breakfast food, which I do.  
Breakfast foods like: eggs with all sorts of vegetables and cheeses.  Thick and crispy bacon.  Fried potatoes with onions.  Or hash browns.  Toast with butter, or brie.  Berries, melon, a bowl of ripe peaches.  Scones with lemon curd.  Warm muffins.  Sliced tomatoes.  Homemade bagels.  French toast.  Cheese with honey.  Baked oatmeal.  Ratatouille with a fried egg. Greek yogurt with fresh mango. 

But even more than all the delicious food, it is the feeling I get when I make a real breakfast--not cereal--and we sit down and eat it together.  We set the table.  We linger around the table.  We let the kids run off and play while we finish our coffee.  We enjoy a slow start to the day.
Mornings are often rushed and hectic.  Sitting down to a meal together, starting the day off that way is, to me, the most beautiful thing about breakfast.

This morning I made pancakes for breakfast.
Pancakes and I have some issues.  They are often overly sweet and just don't provide me with enough substance for the start of my day. 
I also dislike boxed pancake mixes.  The flavor is not great.  The texture is not right. They just taste fake to me. They're processed--many steps removed from the real food they once were.
I'm sorry if you are a mix lover and that offends you.  I'm sorry if I bore you while extol the virtues of homemade.  
Actually, I'm not that sorry.
Because you really should take an extra five minutes and make some real food.

Enter oatmeal pancakes.  
The solution to my pancake problems.
"Oatmeal pancakes?" you say.  "Aren't they heavy?"
Nope.  They remind me a lot of baked oatmeal, which is light and airy and perfectly wonderful.
Once of my favorite breakfasts, by the way.  (Thank you Shelteriffic!)

These oatmeal pancakes are just a touch sweet.  They are light, but with some oomph to them so you feel like you are having a real meal.  They are unexpected.  They are moist.  They are a breeze to mix up in the morning.  It took me less than 5 minutes to stir together a bowl of batter.

I think you should give them a go.
Come on, how can you resist this?

I found the recipe over at Molly's.  She never lets me down.
So just hop over here to get it and maybe make yourself some pancakes tomorrow morning.
Happy Saturday friends!
Love from,

PS.  My kids thought these were weird (and therefore gross) when they saw the oatmeal in the batter.  There was a bit of breakfast mutiny and they declared they were not ever going to eat these weird kind of pancakes with granola in them.  There were even some gagging noises.  
But I persisted.  They tried.  I triumphed.  
They all just had second helpings with the leftovers.
And that might just be the best testimonial of all.

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