Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Oven Roasted Potatoes and Salad for Lunch

I had this salad for lunch today.

It was perfectly delicious.  
For dinner last night I made roast chicken and roast potatoes.  I also sauteed various squash from the farmers market and some asparagus too.  
I made extra so there would be plenty of leftovers for lunch.
At lunchtime today, all I had to do was chop some arugula (the best leafy green EVER) add a perfectly ripe heirloom tomato and toss in all those veggies and the potatoes from last night's dinner.
Easy.  Good.  Better than eating the kids leftover cheese and crackers.

You've never had roasted potatoes in your salad?
Well, friend, you are missing out.  

Let me tell you about these potatoes.
First, you have to pick the right ones.
These right here, they are the very best.

I get them from Trader Joe's, but I think they have them at the other markets also.
True they might be a bit more expensive than your typical russet.
But the sweet, buttery flavor and the creamy texture are worth every single penny.
(If you can't find these type,Yukon Gold potatoes will do an adequate job standing in.)

Next you have to steam your potatoes.
Yes, steam them before you roast them.
I found this method in the cookbook, The Healthy Kitchen.  It's by Rosie Daley (formerly Oprah's personal chef) and Dr. Andrew Weil.  It is a great cookbook.  See if you can check it out from the library and give it a look through.
Back to the potatoes.
Rosie assures that steaming the potatoes first allows for them to soften and cook all the way, so that upon roasting the flavor develops, the skin crisps, but the potato stays moist.
She's right.  
It's magic.

For small potatoes I cut in half, larger ones I quarter.  Then throw them in the steamer basket and steam until fork tender.

While the potatoes steam, preheat your oven to 400.  
When the potatoes are done steaming, dump them into a bowl, drizzle with olive oil, and sprinkle with kosher salt, fresh ground pepper and I also like to add dill.
Stir so that all potatoes are covered with oil and seasonings.
Pour the potatoes onto a rimmed cookie sheet (I use a stoneware sheet which makes for even crispier skins) and place in oven.
Bake until golden brown and crispy.

Eat them alongside roast chicken for dinner and on your salad for lunch the next day.
Or with your eggs for breakfast.
Or sprinkle with blue cheese and warm in the microwave for a simple meal that will make you swoon with each bite.
However you eat them, try roasting your potatoes this way.  
You won't be sorry.

Happy roasting!
Love from,

PS.  * If you are trying to decide how many potatoes to use, I use a whole bag of the baby ones.  This allows us plenty for dinner and leftovers.  Err on the side of making too many.  They are good for several days.


Life with Littles said...

Love the idea of steaming them first. I've got to try that!

farmgirl said...

I LOVE salad with roasted potatoes... and green beans... and freshly chopped rosemary! But I've never prepared them this way before. Thanks for the tip! I will be sure to try!