Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More Waxed Leaf Crafting

Well it seems waxed leaves have been a big hit.  
I have been happily surprised at how many people decided to give it a try.
And I have been happy to see their own spin on it.
Like my friend, Jen.
I was at her house on Friday and snapped a few pictures of her own take on the waxed leaves crafts.
Just look at her magic.

I just love that she used some really big leaves along with her smaller Liquid Amber leaves.  (just learned the Liquid Amber is also called Sweet Gum.  never knew that) 
The big leaves are from the California Sycamore.  

I also love that she tied them to a fallen branch she and her boys discovered on a walk.  What a beautiful, natural way to display her leaves.

Here is a picture of the all of it in its autumnal glory.
I love it.
If you want to see other ways Jen uses branches to decorate, check out her blog here.
And if you made waxed leaves, send me word so I can link you up.  I'd love to see what you create.

Despite our 90 degree heat today, my boys are fired up about decorating for Thanksgiving and the rest of fall.  So we'll be doing some leaf hunting and waxing of our own soon.
Hope you are enjoying fall days, however warm or cold they may be, where ever you are.
Love from,

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Lisa said...

we made a strand and hung it in the front window...I love the branch idea and will check out that link for decorating with them I like to use driftwood and string shells and beads for a windchime thingie.

We also did crayon over a leaf under paper to get the veiny immpression.