Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vintage Books: Field Guides

There is a chance that this post may cause you to think I have walked over the edge into complete geekdom.
I'm cool with that.
Because that means there will be less people looking for vintage field guides at book sales.
And that's good for me.

You know I love books.  I am a passionate about books and have been from the time I can remember.  Did I ever tell you that there was a house right next to the library in the town I grew up in and I dreamed of living in that house?  Can you imagine just walking out your door and into the library?  I dreamt of it often as a small girl.
Heaven indeed.
I also love vintage books.  I have an ever growing collection.  Far more than we have room for in our house.  Which is why I hope someday my sweet hubby will get a chance to build this shelving unit.
I collect different sorts of vintage books.  
I adore vintage text books.  We actually use a lot of them.  They are quite good.
I also love vintage Golden Books.  And I don't just mean the little ones with the golden spine.  Golden books published an incredible array of books for children.  I am always amazed by how wonderful they are.  
I have favorite illustrators.
And just recently I have discovered field guides.

We use field guides at our house, in our back yard and on our nature hikes.  It is great fun to be able to identify the birds we see often and the ones we notice for the fist time.
But these field guides aren't anything special.  They are colorful books with photographs or fold-up, laminated pamphlets that can be easily taken on a hike.

But at a used book sale, I found this.  And my newest love affair began.

Most of the illustrations are black and white and therefore not super helpful.

But there are these full color pages that I think are simply beautiful.

I am not exaggerating when I say I could look at these for hours.

I found these two at a used book shop in Palm Springs.
I want the whole series.  (there is a red and green book also)

The end pages alone were enough to sell me.

But the illustrations inside are pretty sweet too.

My mom just gave me this one she found at a garage sale.  (note it is a Golden Book)

William and I went through the whole book in one sitting picking out our favorite birds, and learning where they live at different times of the year.

Mom also gave me this field guide to trees.  (also Golden)

Oaks are one of my favorite trees.  They remind me of growing up in Fallbrook, Live Oak Park and the country roads lined with beautiful Live Oak trees.  They also make me think of quintessential California landscapes--the kinds I love along the Central coast--golden rolling hills, dotted with big oak trees.

It seems I now have a new kind of vintage field guide to look out for.
Can you blame me?

I accept my status as a geek.
And I'm darn proud of it.

Love from,


Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

i'm a geek too! i can't get enough of the hand drawn details in old field guides and encyclopedias. yours are so lovely!! the inside of that one book is dreamy.

Anonymous said...

Ah!! I love field guides too. I have a favorite that is devoted to nests. Can you imagine anything sweeter? And I have a fern guide that's pretty sweet too.