Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Learning To Let Go

The past few months have not been the easiest for me.  There has been personal turmoil, and its accompanying stress, and emotional upheaval.  Then the wonderful news of another baby followed by the sickness, fatigue and emotional upheaval that accompany a new pregnancy.
To put it mildly, there have been lots of days when I have been barely hanging on.

If there is energy to be had, it will be spent on my kids.  We do our weekly field trips, baking, school work, swimming lessons or what have you, and then I am about done for the day.  I muddle through the rest of the day and hit the couch when Aaron comes home.

That really used to bother me.
I hate spending every evening lying on the couch.
There are so many things that need to get done.
So many things I want to get done.
But I am learning to let go.

I am learning what matters.  
I am learning that I feel a lot better about life if I give time to my kids instead of getting the house tidy.  
I am not saying it is easy.
Because I really like a clean house.
And I really like to write on this blog.
And I really like to cook dinner for my family and not give them cereal.
And I really like to feel good.
But those things will come again.

And so will time for making things like these leaves.

I found these a few weeks ago when I was researching decorations for fall.  
I thought I'd actually get something done for Thanksgiving.
Well, I didn't.
Just tonight James asked me, "Mommy, shouldn't we decorate or something for Thanksgiving?"
15 people are coming for dinner tomorrow and I haven't done a thing.
Not a blessed thing.
I've wanted to.
I wanted to make new napkins, and waxed leaves and paint trim and make a cranberry tart.
But I just haven't been able to do it.
But it really doesn't matter.
I got the turkeys, the boys made turkey hand print decorations today and tomorrow will be wonderful.
I am learning to let go.

But I still love these leaves.  (aren't the colors and the stitching gorgeous?)
They are felt and just about the coolest I have ever seen.
I am saving them for next fall.
Cause I will totally have time and energy for crafting then.  
You know, with my infant and my other 3 kids and sleep deprivation and home schooling.
Here is the link if you want to save it for next fall as well.
There are lots more fantastic pictures of the leaves to further inspire you.

Even without the felt leaves, I am looking forward to hosting dinner tomorrow.
I am thankful for the opportunity to cherish the things that really matter in my life.
Enjoy your time with loved ones tomorrow.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Love from,

PS.  If you need a last minute roll recipe for tomorrow, I've got you covered.  
I made them last year, and I am making them again this year. 
First thing in the morning when I feel good.
They are very, very good and easy too.
You might want to give them a try.
Here's the link for all the info.
Happy Thanksgiving!


Lillian said...

I love you so much my Greta girl.

Jenny said...

Learning this lesson is surely not easy, but it is quite grown up. I still wrestle with many unaccomplished ambitions. I want to be content with simply getting on with learning to love, our biggest job. In your family's case, I don't think a few months of cereal will hurt much. A new family member will add such richness to all of your lives, any lack will be more than made up for!
Love from my couch to yours,