Monday, January 31, 2011

Happiness Is: finding an old MILK sign

This morning, in an attempt to avoid the hideous traffic on the freeway, we took some surface streets.
As is so often the case, it really saved no time.
However, we did stumble across some fantastic signs.
MILK signs.
Old MILK signs.
2 of them, within blocks of each other.
I love MILK signs.

And even though we missed our ultrasound appointment, stopping on the way back to snap photos of these lovelies helped soften the blow.

It's the little things.
And, one of these is going to look awesome hanging in my kitchen.

Even if your kids are in the car and they're hungry, even if you have to go back, even if it's a little inconvenient, this is just a reminder to ALWAYS stop for old signs.
Just a little helpful advice for your Monday afternoon.
Love from,

PS.  These signs are on Pioneer Blvd, somewhere between Hawaiian Gardens and Artesia.
If you want to go snap a few photos yourself  


Megan B said...

I was going to guess that's where they were -- I used to work over by there a billion years ago and remember them from my daily commutes! Love the photos. And I wish I could have one in my kitchen, too. Greta, you're my hero.

Erin McDonald said...

I do love sings too but I may not have quite the love affair you have with them. I really enjoy looking at the pictures you take of these cool signs! Keep it up! And hey maybe Aaron will paint some replicas!
Love you!