Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Taking Pleasure in Simple Things

I love my kitchen in the morning.
The sun streams in the windows and lights up the room with a warm glow.
It is calm (even when it isn't) and beautiful.
Being in there makes me happy.

My kitchen is not perfect.
There are, in fact, quite a few things about it that I don't like at all.
Our counter tops are pretty hideous.
So is the back splash on the wall behind the sink.
The windows are the 1952 original aluminum windows and they are a wreck.
Plus the glass is so old that there are parts of them I simply cannot get clean.
I don't have window coverings.
When the sun gets too hot, I hang sheets up to keep things cool.  The rest of the time the windows are bare.
I am waiting until we finish up countertops and back splash and really get a feel of what our kitchen is going to end up looking like before I commit to window coverings.
We have those horrific fluorescent lights on the ceiling.
And our fridge leaves quite a bit to be desired.
There are many things in my kitchen I could look at with a critical eye.

But I try not too.
Because I have found that when I do, I get in a really crappy mood.
And before too long, I end up hating everything.
I see every little thing in my house that needs to be fixed or finished.  
I see all the things that drive me crazy,

I don't see the vintage stove that I adore.
I don't see my fabulous red floor.
I don't see our imported from Amsterdam booth, and my favorite table, handmade by my hubby and kids.

And those are the things I want to see.
So what I try to do, every day, is to take note of the simple things in my home or life that bring me joy.
This morning it was the way the sunlight hit upon the bowl of apples sitting on the kitchen table.
I stop and look.
I smile.
I feel content.
I don't even pay attention to my ugly counter tops.

Mornings are the easiest time for me to do this.
Sometimes by afternoon, my perspective has become skewed again in the wrong direction.
But I am trying.

I hope you are finding pleasure in the simple things that fill your life too.
Really it is about slowing down, even for one minute, and noticing things you ordinarily walk right past.
Maybe it will take a bit of work, but it will be worth it.
Love from,

PS.  We are in the process of picking out a dishwasher, sink, and counter tops.  We are going to rip out the back splash but will probably wait a bit before we figure out what we want to replace it with.  We will be getting something up on the windows, but can't afford to replace the lights right away.
We've lived here close to 2 years and are finally able to get to this.
Or so it seems right now.
Aaron's truck may die any day now.
And if that happens, the kitchen will wait some more.
But I am good with that.
Because until then I can dream.
And admire the sunlight on the apples.
*Dream kitchen pictures as well as "before" pictures coming soon.


Anonymous said...

beautiful blog

Zootsuitmama said...

Thanks for your words today. I can easily slip into the glass half empty mode, too. I think your floors are so gorgeous, it's my dream. Someday, I hope to have my own home that I can work on, until then, I do what I can with renting and dreaming...and I'm 56! Nice to read something positive.