Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Shower Swag

So a surprise shower was held for me on Saturday.
It was a fabulous time (see more here) and I am not going to pretend I didn't love getting some truly fantastic gifts.
It wasn't even my birthday, but I felt so spoiled.
How can a girl not love that?

The thing is, I didn't really expect a shower for my 5th baby.  
After all, what do I really need?
But I was showered with gifts just the same.
Get some good gift ideas for the 5th, or 1st time Mom, when you see my shower swag.

Diaper bag!

Well, kinda.  I wasn't planning on getting a diaper bag this time, but when a friend sent this to me on FB, I couldn't resist re-posting it on my Picnics in the Park FB page.  
(which you should go like, by the way.  and there are some really cute sandals I posted there, too. you know, in case you were wanting to get me more stuff)
It is cuter than a regular diaper bag, no bunnies or pastels.  
I like that it looks vintage.
And I thought it would be great for my next Palms Springs trip--with or without baby.
Some friends decided to act on my post and ordered it for me.
You know who you are and I love you!
See more of their bags here.  They're not all diaper bags.  They've got a lot of great stuff.

The color red! 
My favorite things must be pretty transparent.
Oh yeah, I have a blog where I tell you constantly what I like.
I like red.  And love this sweet, little giraffe.  
It's nice for baby to have a toy that is all his own.

Handmade goods.
Like this onesie, stitched with vintage fabric by my Betsi.
The baby may wear this once and then I'll just hang it up.

Also a hand knit sweater with vintage buttons.
Have no fear.  If it's a girl we're dressing her in pink leggings and tees and she'll rock this sweater.
I love a gift that I can save for them when they have their own babies.
Because yes, I totally do that.
Don't you?

And this gift, so me.
Charlie Harper, birds, it doesn't get much better.
Put a bird on it!  ( if you haven't seen this, watch it!  you'll love it)
I appreciate that this is "for the baby" but really for me. (grin)

It was also nice to get items truly intended just for me.
Because, as I said before, at 7 months, mama loves a little pampering.
$ for a massage or whatever else my heart desires.
Gift certificate for the best pedicure in Long Beach.  Maybe the world.  Seriously.
New jammies to wear at the hospital.  So much better than those horrible gowns.
(how come no one told me that the first time around?  get a woman some new pjs for the hospital!)
A whole stack of stretchy, comfy clothes for after baby and I come home.  Because by then, my tank tops and sweats will be stained and stretched out and I'll feel really ugly.
But some new tanks and gaucho pants will help a lot.

Again, I have to say I feel so incredibly loved.
What a special treat.
And what I knew to be true already, was reinforced 100 fold: it doesn't matter what number the baby is, it's just nice to show someone you love them and shower them with a little bit of that lovin.

Tomorrow I'll show you the vintage lamps we found for the kitchen.  Only $10 more than the lamps we were going to get at IKEA!  And these are sooooo much cooler.
Check back.
Love from,


mygirl said...

every baby and mama deserves a celebration no matter what # it is. it was a fun day celebrating you and your little. love, christina

Katie @ minivan diva said...

You deserved some special showering. That diaper bag is so perfect.