Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hello Spring--I'm Sick

I know I promised pictures of our new lamps.
But my throat is on fire and my nose is running.
It hit me this afternoon--like a ton of bricks.
Aaron was sick on Sunday night and he shared with me.
But it seems like it was a 1 day thing--he felt dramatically better after a lot of sleep (I made him go to bed at 8:30) and woke up with the throat of fire gone.
So I'm off to lay on the couch, drink hot tea and try to finish the BBC version of Emma. 
I have been watching it in bits and pieces for over a week and have not yet been able to finish it.
I'm sure tonight will be more of the same.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel up to taking pictures of the lamps.
I know you'll love them!
And to make up for making you wait, I leave you a picture of one of my favorite parts of spring.

We picked them today at Gum Grove Park.
The hillsides are covered in them.
Don't they look beautiful with turquoise?
Doesn't everything?

Hoping to wake up healthy.
Love from,

1 comment:

Lillian said...

Beautiful picture! And yes it looks great with the turquoise door as a back drop. I want this picture to hang in my dinning room....I have 2 other pictures that are paintings of orange and yellow Nasturtiums. Love them!!