Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hello Summer--Vintage Inspired Lawn Chairs from Target

Yesterday it felt like spring, but today it felt like summer.
And tomorrow temperatures are supposed to reach the high 80s, and that might as well be summer.
All this sunshine makes me want to be outside as much as possible.
It makes me want to work in the yard and then loll about with a glass of lemonade.
Yes, even though I'm stuffed up with a spring, uh summer, cold.

So today when I had to run to Target for some essentials, (toothpaste, toilet paper and tissue--darn cold) and I saw these chairs, I had to get them.
They just said summer to me.
Take a look.

I saw them last summer and I wanted them then.
But I didn't act fast enough and they were gone before I knew it.
Seasonal or limited items can fly out of Target.
We all remember the Orla Keily line.  Her stuff lasted like 1 day at my Target.
Will she ever be back?

Anyway, back to the chairs.
They were on sale.
I decided to act now and I am glad I did.
They look pretty perfect in my back yard.
How can you not love red, woven lawn chairs?
(in case you didn't know, i love red just as much as turquoise.)

They fit in just right with my beat up, red and white, enamel topped table, my red pots and my succulents.
(I need to get all those babies in pots or in the ground)

These are not the most comfy chairs.  You aren't going to spend hours lounging in them.
But they are perfect to have on hand for a summer bbq in the back yard, to take to picnic or camping.
They are infinitely better looking than those fold up camping chairs that fit in a bag, and much more feasible than purchasing this kind of patio set.  
(although i do dream of that patio set on my own patio someday.  a dream for sure.)
Yes, they are low brow vintage and Bertoia is high brow.  But you have to admit, they have certain charm. 
We plan on storing them in the garage and bringing them out as needed so they won't get rusty and worn right away.

And for $10, we might be getting a few more.
Because summer is coming and I'm getting ready for those backyard bbqs.

Hope the sun is shining where you are.
Love from,


melody-mae said...

i love these vintage looking chairs and i love red too!!! oohhh, i need to go to target asap!

affectioknit said...

Oh my! I love those chairs - it looks so spring-y there...