Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday, and Thursday, and Friday, and.........

(I don't know why I posted this on this blog.  It is more in line, content wise, with my other blog, Lilly and the Brothers, but I guess I wasn't thinking clearly at 5 am when I began writing.  For more of my life as a mom, head over there)
If you read blogs much, you have surely stumbled across a What I Wore Wednesday post.
If you haven't, allow me to explain what it is.
The idea behind WIWW is to give some fashion accountability to a mom who is spending her day running around after kids and might end up spending day after day in her comfy pair of sweats.
It's a chance to add some style to the mommy days, even if those days consist of swimming lessons, school drop-offs and play ground dates.
It's a chance to think about your own outfits and not just your kids outfits.
At least that is my understanding of it.

Now this is not a fashion blog.  (in case you haven't figured that out yet.  ha)
If I get out the door in a cute (read: not mom) pair of jeans, something besides a tee-shirt, a cardigan and some ballet flats, I feel like I have made an effort.
If I manage to add in a cute, maybe even funky necklace, my uber sale Anthropologie jacket, and a craft fair pin, I have pretty much achieved super model status.
I'm speaking in terms of outfits, of course.
I am just not a high fashion girl.
I like clothes as much as the next person, but truthfully, I'd rather shop for home decor, or read Bon Appetite than read Vouge.
So taking part in WIWW has never been my thing.
I really don't have much to offer in the style department.
In fact, I once wrote a post about my whole struggle with getting out the door looking halfway decent, plucked eyebrows and all--you can read it here.

But when I read my friend Katie's WIWW post (applause for her bravery to do it for reals) I couldn't help but think how funny it would be for me to do a WIWW post now.
Now as in, 7 and a half months pregnant.
I wear basically the same thing every day.
And when I'm home, I wear sweats.
A lot.
It ain't pretty, it ain't sexy and it ain't inspiring.
But if you've ever been 7 months pregnant and running after the other kids in your life, you'll get this.
If you haven't, then just stop reading now because this will scare the poop out of you.  You don't want to know what your future may hold.
Here goes.

Day 1: Taking the kids to swimming lessons.
Top: Gap Maternity--on its 3rd pregnancy.  Horizontal stripes=bad idea
Jeans: Gap Maternity--on their 3rd pregnancy (more about them in a minute)
Shoes: You can't see them, but they are yellow Converse, scored on clearance at Target for $10.  
Guess not that many size 9s want to wear yellow converse.
But they are slip-on.  At this moment in time, I am ALL OVER the slip-ons.

The jeans.  
Like I said, they are on their 3rd pregnancy.
And that cute elastic band, pink floral instead of ugly blue nylon, is totally ripped.

Ripped on both sides.  See?
Really nice.
But these pants are comfortable and they still fit well.  I am not buying a new pair of jeans at this point.
I just can't.  As is so often the case with me and clothes, practicality wins.
So I still wear them--a lot-- and cover up the rips with a belly band.  (did you non-preggos look at that link?  sooo cute, right? i know you wish you had one.) It works since the pants start to fall down after a while anyway.
How's that for some hot pregnancy style?
Don't. Be. Jealous.

Here's another thing about WIWW posts: how do these people get good pictures of themselves?
I stink at it.
I asked James to take some, and usually he's pretty good.
That day he was not at the top of his game.
But you can kind of see my shoes.  And Lil looks cute in her swim cover-up.

Next up, Friday night date night.
Date night?  Dressed like that?
Listen people, I don't have a lot to work with.
Cute, sassy, flirty, isn't in my vocabulary at the moment.
I feel like a house boat.
I am not the pregnant girl who can wear skinny jeans and I try very hard not to despise the ones that do.
Top: Hand me down from a previously pregnant friend.  3rd time around.
Scarf: H & M kids department.
Jeans: Ummm, same as above.  
Shoes: Red Converse. clearance at Target for $7!  
Again, I guess that not many size 9s want to wear bright red Converse tennis shoes, but hey, why not add a little clown to my look now and then?
I actually really love these shoes even if they do look ridiculous.

Easter Sunday.
This is the killer, folks.  
I didn't manage to get in a shot of me solo, so you'll have to see a family shot.
And yes, I am wearing jeans.  To church.
For the record, they are not the jeans with rips.
But still.
I hate to wear jeans to church.
But again, I couldn't bring myself to buy an outfit that I would wear once just for Easter Sunday.
So I wore my new tee shirt (it's embellished!--thanks Mom!) a cardigan (remember that's my go-to style) and some jeans.
I Eastered it up with that bright cardigan for a pop of color, a necklace from Target, funky earrings from a craft fair and some funky shoes that you can't see.  (ok.  full disclosure.  they were flip flops.  but they are leather and my feet are getting too swollen for ballet flats now.)
Next year, I promise to wear a skirt.

Last day.  
And that brings up another question regarding the WIWW posts: how do these people manage to find the time to take a picture of themselves before they walk out the door?
I am usually applying a dab of makeup as I am getting everything packed in the car, running back in for my coffee and giving myself a quick glance in the mirror before I head back outside to kids already strapped into the car.
And sometimes I am going out without a morning shower, or I forgot to brush my teeth, put on deodorant or put in earrings.  (but the dishes are done!)
I don't have much time for a photo shoot.
I think I am not very organized.

And if I wait to take the picture until after I come home from wherever I've been, with my 3 kids, I look like a train wreck.

Jean capris: Target Maternity--2nd pregnancy
Tank top: Old Navy--not maternity AND size medium.  Heck yeah!
Hat: to cover the fact that I left the house with wet hair.
Shoes: none because they were too sandy and wet to wear in the house.
To be fair, we had spent the morning hiking and wading through a creek.

Climbing over and under branches, trees and rocks.
It was great fun, but yeah, not so great for the "I'm an all put together Mom" look that I think I am supposed to be going for.

If you are a WIWW poster, don't be offended by this post.  
I am not making fun of you in the least.
And maybe in a year when I get out of nursing bras and my "still fat" jeans, I will look to you for inspiration.
But for now, I can't help poking a little fun at myself and the reality of what 7.5 months pregnant looks like in my life.
I hope you can laugh along with me.
Because sometimes, just getting something on before you walk out the door is a victory.

Happy Wednesday friends.
Tomorrow, the artisan bread post.  I promise.
Love from,

Hopefully she won't be offended by my joking tone, but I am linking up to Pleated Poppy's WIWW post.  After all, this is my first WIWW so I am milking it. Go here to see people who wear jeans without rips in them.


hannah singer said...

you are a riot! you look wonderful, rips and all. love your converse shoe colors! xo
(i wore jeans to church on easter, nearly an identical outfit really! i am losing weight and am NOT buying any more clothes until i drop at least one more size;) ha)

Lisa said...

Greta you are a doll!! and hilarious and you always look classy, rips and all.

Betsi* said...

Bahaha! I love this! You are so funny! I am in the same boat over here. Not much looks cute on this pregnant girl either. I am so not the skinny jeans pregnant lady either!
I personally think you look pretty darn good. And thank you. I too own a pair of maternity pants on their third pregnancy that have a ripped elastic top!
Oh, and I also ended up having to wear jeans to Easter sunday too!

Simple Life Journey said...

I am looking at your picture of your family and it is a reflection of mine. Oh, except for the fourth one on the way. We can't ever decide if we are brave enough to go for our fourth.

jordyn said...

Oh my gosh, this post made me laugh so much!!!!
and I love those red converse -- $7!?!

You're adorable, I don't care what you say!

Onita76 said...

clicked over from the pleated poppy :) just had to say, i totally wore maternity jeans with rips on the bands as well! (i didn't even think to cover them with a belly band - BRILLIANT!)if it fits and is comfy then wear it proud! :) and i love the red converse too and wear a size 9 and am really jealous that i did not score those at Target, lol!