Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Clock is Ticking

55 days.
I am trying not to feel panicky.
It still seems like ages before this baby will arrive, but then I'll open up our front closet and look at this and I feel the heart palpitations begin.
Not really.
OK, maybe a little bit.

I just organized this closet 3 months ago.  
A basket for my shoes, Aaron's shoes and one for the kids.
But "people" began to ignore which basket was for which shoe, and then James' baseball stuff got tossed in there and the dust bunnies moved back in and soon it looked like this again.
And I know if I don't do something about it now, June 20th will roll around and I'll have no more time to think of organizing closets.
Not really.
OK, maybe a little bit.

And so, as I listen to the clock tick and feel each kick of this sweet little baby who is quickly running out of room, I am stemming the rising tide of panic and I am conquering one project at a time.
Yesterday I tackled the closet.

I got a little help from a couple of builders I know.
They even shared their tools.

Honestly, I despise reading, and trying to figure out directions for something even so simple as a shoe shelf from The Container Store.  (all organizing products were on sale last week.  FYI, a pregnant lady should not go into The Container Store when organizing products are on sale.)
I find these little building projects annoying and rather a waste of my time.  
Like jigsaw puzzles.  BORING.
Really there are just things I like doing better, like baking, and I know I can just hand the job over to Aaron.
But James made me persevere.
"Come on Mommy, we can figure it out together.  We just have to keep trying."
Why do they always have to throw your words back in your face like that?

So we did.
And they hammered in tiny nails and screwed in screws and truly were a help to me.

When we finished, we were all pretty proud of the shelf we built.
Although, James was disappointed that he did not get to use either his saw or drill.
But still.  Success!

Lilly helped me organize all the shoes, baseball stuff went in the red basket, the dust bunnies were kicked out and I felt my heart rate slowing down.

From this:

To this:

Yeah, I know it isn't all cuted out.  I'd love to paint the inside of the closet a bright color, to hang some art, and make all very blog worthy.
But at this point I'll settle for organized.
I only have 55 days after all, and at least that many more projects.  
Or something like that.

So, for those of you who've walked in these shoes, what are your secrets for preparing your home and life for baby?  I know I've done it 3 times before, but I'm never against learning something new.

Before I go, let me tell you to be sure to swing by tomorrow for a great post.  
I am entering previously uncharted territory and it is sure to make you laugh. 
I laughed at myself quite a bit while prepping for it.
Until then.
Love from,

PS. James wanted me to take a picture of him at least pretending to saw.
So I did.
And William, well, that boy is just pure entertainment.


Mae said...

I love organizing. It's so cute that the boys helped you out, they look so proud of themselves :).

hannah singer said...

great job on the closet! so nice to have handy kiddos around too. looks like they enjoyed themselves. 55 days-how exciting!!
our son is adopted, nesting was a bit weird for me. i just thought it was all too good to be true and found it difficult to focus on getting things settled. of course i had no problems gathering cute sheets and clothes;) our next child will likely be better prepared for, and i will seek your wise advice for sure! xo

Sheila said...

It doesn't seem to matter how many systems I organize to keep our mudroom straight; everything just ends up in a massive pile on the floor. Drives me batty. Laundry too. I have 2 laundry sorters in our laundry room: darks, lights, whites, reds/pinks & linens. Do my kids ever put their clothes in the right bins? Rarely. Feel like I'm fighting an uphill battle myself. Good luck to you!!

Katie @ minivan diva said...

There is something about cubbies with little shoes that makes me happy.

Betsi* said...

Your "mess" looks like my finished product! Don't worry, you're doing great!