Monday, April 25, 2011

This and That

Today I will be recovering from a very, very full weekend.
Really a wonderful weekend.  But quite a lot crammed into 2 days.
Besides Easter, we celebrated my boy turning 7.  
There were cupcakes to be made, a friend's birthday party, a baseball game, a drive to Fallbrook, 2 more birthday celebrations with cousins (we've got a stack of 3 birthdays in a row in April), church, egg hunts, and time with family.
Whew.  I'm beat.

On Friday the kids and I took it easy.  I knew we'd all be exhausted by the end of the weekend.
We stayed home and, amongst other things, we dyed eggs.
After we were done, the kids and I picked out our favorite eggs.
Guess which ones I liked?
I find these colors everywhere--separately and even in this combination.
It's all over our house.  (see here)
It's pretty close to the colors we want for the exterior of our house.  (see here)
It's even in the eggs the kids dye.
What colors are you drawn to?

Now I'm off to battle with the laundry and 3 kids who had far too much sugar this weekend and far too little sleep.  Like I said, I'm beat.
I leave you with a little crafty inspiration from a blog I like to look at often.
Since many of her creations involve sewing and knitting, I mostly just look and dream.
But this one involves modge podge and fabric.  
I can do that.
And since there are only 56 days until my due date, I suppose I should start thinking about baby's corner.
This might be a pretty sweet addition--uh, start.  Isn't it adorable?

Wishing you a happy week.
Love from,

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hannah singer said...

love those eggs!
i am drawn to EVERY color! of course certain combos especially. like lime green and royal blue, peacock and mustard, magenta and pea green, red and aqua...but color just makes me alive! we live in an apartment, so we are limited. having every color of fiestaware in the kitchen cupboards helps;)

and that birdie house is adorable. baby needs it for sure! xo