Friday, May 27, 2011

3 Fun IKEA Finds For Under $5

Whatever your feelings on IKEA furniture, you have to admit there are some things that IKEA does really well.
I was there this week in search of turquoise crib sheets (tip from a reader--thanks )  Alas, there were none.  Why, oh why, must every crib sheet be pastel?  Some babies mamas like bright colors.

I found 3 other things that I wasn't looking for, but since they were all well under $5, I sprang for them.  Check it out.

#1. Textiles.  IKEA textiles are amazing.  Have you ever visited their fabric department?  Do.  Soon.  And then learn how to sew because you'll need to do something with all the fabric you just bought.
I found these burp cloths in the children/baby section.

I love that they are NOT pastel.  And I think they could be used for so many other things besides burp cloths.  The red striped one looks great in the kitchen.

 And the one with the animals looks great hanging from a crib.

I actually think these are really big for burp cloths.  I would cut them in half and hem them for burp cloth use.  But you could also sew them up into pillows or hang them from clips for a no sew curtain.  Which I think I might just be doing in my laundry room.  Just thought of that and am now stoked!
Here Lilly demonstrates how big these cloths are.  

$3.99 for 3.  You can't beat it.

#2.  Popsicle Molds.  We love home made popsicles around here.  I think I wrote 5 posts on them last summer.  
I just saw this recipe in the June issue of Bon Appetite and it made me love home made popsicles all the more.  
I can't wait to try that recipe.  And you can even use frozen peaches.  Easier=Better.
(by the way, have you seen the new Bon Appetite?  love love LOVE it!  a post about it is due, I think)
We only have one set of popsicle molds and on a hot day, 6 popsicles might only last the day.
So I bought a few more.

These are a seasonal item so stock up now if you want them.
They are also not that big, so again, my kids could easily down 2 on a hot afternoon.
I think I'm going back and buying about 5 more sets before they are gone.

#3  Paper napkins.  Do you ever look at the paper napkins at IKEA?  There are some pretty great designs.
Every time I see a new print I love, I buy a couple packs to have on hand for my next party.
I saw these and fell in love.

I thought they would be perfect for the baby's corner. (we don't have room for the baby to have a nursery, so the baby starts off with a corner of our room.  then he moves to a corner of the room he will share with his brothers and sister.  or she will share.  we'll see)
I immediately made plans to photocopy the napkin and use it as art of some sort for the baby.
When I got home and opened the napkins up, I discovered they are even cooler than I first thought.

I like a splash of red in every room, so these are just about perfect.
And, no surprise, planning on making baby a little garland, for over the crib and now I know just the paper that will be used in that project.
IKEA, even though your dressers fall apart and you have no turquoise crib sheets, I just can't stay mad at you.  You are doing me right tonight.

 $2.49 for a 30 pack.  Fantastic!

Wishing you a wonderful, relaxing 3 day weekend.
I have high hopes of getting baby's corner done FOR REAL this weekend.  
Which would be good since baby could be arriving any day.
I also have high hopes of eating lots of good fruit from the farmer's market and doing some grilling--not on a vintage grill, but grilling none the less.
Hope you get to do some things you love.
See you soon.
Love  from,

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Betsi* said...

Love the red and white against the white Jenny Lind crib! And I have those napkins from Ikea in blue and white! Love em! Now you've got a bee in my bonnet to go to Ikea!

Katie @ minivan diva said...

My kids spit up sooo much that those IKEA burp cloths would have been just right. : ) I have looked at those tree napkin every time I've been to IKEA in the last 6 months. Love them. I really should just buy them.

Terrie said...

i would love to go inside an IKEA store, I have heard so much about them, the closest one is in seattle, a good 6 hour drive, so I wont be going anytime soon, I have seen it on the ground from the plane once it is huge, it sounds like a fun shopping trip though. I love those napkins, very cool.

hannah singer said...

yummy finds! we are six hours from am IKEA, and only make it twice a year. i stock up on their sweet napkins! i LOVE them. their fabric, oh goodness, fave!!

Elise said...

Hey, I'm the one who told you about the Ikea crib sheet. Since they are too light colored, have you thought about dyeing{sp?} one?? Also, my Lilly loves to sleep in her brothers' room-usually on the floor-and lately they all want to move her bed in there, too. I am almost excited by that and totally inspired by your kiddies' space!!
P.S. Ikea does do small stuff VERY well!!

Katie M. said...

You could mod podge the napkins to blank art canvas. Big Lots has them for a couple of dollars. I saw it on the homemade by jill blog. It was very cute.