Friday, June 3, 2011

Getting Ready

Sorry for the absence.
Baby hasn't come yet.
That big pink ball is all baby.
And in these last few weeks of getting ready for him or her, I am trying, really hard, to slow down a bit, let the unimportant things go, and just focus on enjoying the now of waiting for this baby.

With a little crazy cleaning every night before I go to bed, and the littlest bit of crafting for baby.
Remember these napkins from IKEA?
Well, we photocopied one, I cut it into flags and made a (surprise!) garland for baby's corner.

It turned out so cute, don't you think?'
We've also done a few other things and I am hoping that on Sunday I can finish the art I want to hang by the crib.
Even though it's a tiny little spot, just looking at it come together makes me happy and oh so excited to bring our baby home.

If hosting Lilly's 3rd birthday party tomorrow doesn't put me into labor, I'll be back on Monday with the full photo reveal of baby's corner.
Can't wait!
Happy weekend!
Love from,


Lisa said...

love your big pink belly...pnut was amazed and wondering what it funny Happiest of Birthdays to your wee girlie.
Take it easy woman!!

Katie @ minivan diva said...

I know I probably comment too often, but you amaze me. Love the garland!!!

Anonymous said...

thinking of you.

Christ in the Chaos said...

Oh Greta! I love, love, love this picture!