Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Still Cleaning Closets and Thinking of Summer

48 days.
Do I always go this crazy before my babies come?  Probably.
I've been cleaning closets and organizing drawers like a mad woman.

This one was the worse offender.
It is the catch-all closet, and it had been catching things since October, when I was first pregnant.
I've been avoiding it ever since.
My friend Erin said it looked like something from an episode of Hoarders.
Erin tells it like it is.
I was seriously afraid I'd die in a freak accident without cleaning that closet first, and then someone else would have to clean it for me.  
That would be so embarrassing.
When I was dead.

This is my linen drawer.  Nothing is ironed--I'm not that insane.  But it is all folded and and organized by category: tablecloths, napkins, Christmas lines, etc.  
Sometimes I open it and look at it just to make myself feel calm.
I think I have a sickness.
Can you see my belly in this picture?  It's the gray blur.  
Hard to keep that sucker out of pictures these days.

I cleaned our bedroom closet last night.  There is one remaining closet: the kids'.
It's a doozy.
But we're reorganizing their entire room, so it is going to take a little longer.
Yes, 6 people can fit into a 1300 square foot house comfortably, but it takes a lot thoughtful organizing and staying top of putting things away.
I haven't been the best at that as of late.

Moving on.
The weather has been amazing.
It feels like summer.  The best part of summer--before it gets so hot I get cranky.

We ate our first dinner outside.
Salads and fresh bread, brie cheese and fruit.  Sweet, white corn is in at the Farmers Market and so are tomatoes that actually taste and smell like real tomatoes.  Our salads are tasting like summer.
Last week one of my favorite farmers said he'd have cherries this week and his first crop of white peaches.
White peaches!  Be still my heart.

Our favorite rose bush is in full bloom, our nasturtiums are already flowering and we're dreaming of more flowers to come.
We are spending a lot of time in the yard and I am more grateful for it every day.

This weekend Aaron started building the trellises for our blackberry vines.
We have a long wall along the driveway that used to be covered in vines.  But much of the yard sort of fell into disrepair when the previous owners were too elderly to care for it anymore.
I dream of enough berries to make jam, so we're bringing those berries back to life.

And the heat makes us crave popsicles.  So we're making lots of smoothies and freezing them into pops for later in the day.  Blueberry is a fave.
It makes such lovely beards.

Since this post is entirely lacking in usable content, I will leave you with a few posts that might actually improve your life in some small way.

#1.  You know how I feel about popcorn.  Here is a way to make microwave popcorn without all the fake stuff.  I admit, I'm skeptical.  But I am going to try it. PS.  I love her blog--read it.
#2. My friend, Christina posted this just in time for Mother's Day.  She makes a good point--why torture your husband and make him guess what you want?  Just tell him.  She has some great ideas.  Isn't that owl cookie jar to DIE for?
#3.  Looking for a new place to eat? (in so cal)  Read my review of Bruxie--a waffle place in old town Orange that will knock your socks off.

Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday.  We're heading to the beach--it will be close to 90 today.
My ankles want to soak in cold water.  
Love from,


Jen said...

Fwiw, I microwave popcorn in a brown bag all the time. DON'T add oil! It'll smoke. Just a few handfuls of popcorn kernels, use the "popcorn" setting (assuming your microwave has one) and Voila! Yummy popcorn. I add a spritz of olive oil and salt afterward. And I even re-pop the unpopped kernels. Yum!

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

that is the cutest bearded lady i've ever seen. ;)

Four Flights said...

A little bit of completely unsolicited advice for your blackberry bushes. We have tried for about 5 years to grow our bb bush on a trellis to only produce about 5 berries a year. Then we were at H&H Nursery and saw that they had theirs growing on a tepee like structure made out of wood sticks. We broke apart our trellises and used the sticks to make a tepee and voila! Each bush now has about 20 flowers in a matter of a month. We've never had so many...hopefully they all turn into berries :) Good luck either way though!

Katie @ minivan diva said...

Everything you do is beautiful. The picnic table set with goodies is magazine pretty. All I want for M-Day is a pedi. I'm going tomorrow night. I am going to sink into the vibrating chair, read mindless mags, and chill. Happy early Mother's Day to you!