Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm Baking.....

It's been a million degrees here this week.
And about all I can think of is popsicles, ice cream, and cold fruit salad.
Explains why I'd stop my car to take pictures of this.

Don't you just love it all?
The checkered tiles, the stripes, the yellow ovals and ICE CREAM.

With my kids strapped in their seats, I snapped away.
As I was climbing back into the car, the owner of the store came out and shook his finger at me.
What's the big deal?
Doesn't he know I was complimenting his awesome liquor store?
And, by the way, have you ever noticed liquor stores often have the coolest signs ever?  

The other thing this heat is doing is making me tired.
Well, that and this baby.
By 2 o clock I am swelling like a water balloon and longing to lay down.
I'm afraid I am not always at my best at these moments.
So when I saw this on Jami's blog, I laughed and laughed.

It is especially fitting since I am planning the boys' birthday party this weekend.
And I am kind of not that into it. (shh don't tell)
And also because sometimes a little cussing is really just very funny.
I am not much of a cusser.
In fact, Aaron thinks it's quite hysterical when I do.
That pretty much only happens when I'm mad at him.
And then he laughs at me cursing.
Which makes me madder.
But this, well let's just say these words have been on my mind a lot these past few days of 90 degree heat.
I am so ready to have this baby.

I'll be absent the next few days.  Party planning and such.
And then I will begin to work on the baby's corner.  
Baby will be living in the corner of our bedroom for the first few months and I think it's high time I do something with said corner.
Like set up the crib.

Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day.  Go read Jami's blog about Mother's Day and do what she says for your mom.  It will make her much happier than that bouquets you were going to get her.
Love from,


Jami Nato said...

thanks for the props!

and i do LOVE that ice cream shop. good eye.

katie said...

Kev and I are sign people too. I can just imagine that man shaking his finger at you! Too funny, Greta!

hannah singer said...

the ice cream shoppe photo is rockin' my socks!
the nap sign is fitting for all of us mamas i think:)

Erin McDonald said...

I think the guy was shaking his finger at you because you didn't get your kids any ICE CREAM!! shame on you!