Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Put a Bird on My Mother's Day Gift

Aaron got these 2 little darlings for me for Mother's Day.
They''re vintage, they're birds and they are a mommy and her baby.
They're perfect.

I love the way their tail feathers stick straight up.
I love their simple, clean lines and curvy shape.
I love the way the baby looks up at the mama.

I love the way they fit in with some of the other birds in my collection.

Yes, I have a growing collection of birds. 
You'll find them, in some form, in every room of my house.
And I am not afraid to embrace this fad of birds--they're every where, right?
And I am not afraid to make fun of the fad.  Because this is just plain hysterical.
If you haven't watched it yet, just do me a favor and click on the link.
(i love the comment that says, "i think everyone on etsy is crying right now)

BUT, I must point out, that I started loving birds long ago.
I was 17 and on my first trip to Europe.
That's where I bought my mom that bird up there (she's since given it back to me for my collection.  i don't know if that means she hates it or she's just nice)  
It's the pale brown and white one in the middle.
It's made of bone and says "Budapest" on it.  I bought when my team spent the day there.
We were in Hungary for the summer helping to build an orphanage in Hungary for Romanian orphans.
At the end of the trip we went to Switzerland for 5 days and it was there I fell in love with cukoo clocks. The little birds that popped out of them were part of reason I love them.
So, you see, I have loved birds for a while.

And almost 6 years ago, my love for them was rekindled when I was pregnant with William.  
I found a fabric with birds on it.  
It was  so sweet and pink and full of bird cuteness, I bought it "just in case."
That fabric brought back the bird love in full force, and now I am hooked.

So much so, that I am becoming a real bird nerd now.  (thanks to my friend Shannon for introducing me to that term.  I love it)
My kids and I excitedly identify birds whenever we can.
We each have our favorites.
And when we catch a glimpse of an unusual one, we are all thrilled.
I have a small collection of bird field guides.  The vintage ones are my favorites.  

So yeah, Aaron put a bird on it for Mother's Day.
And I love it!
Hope you had a grand day on Sunday, whoever and however you celebrated.
See our celebration here.

I've got pictures of our new blackberry trellises and pictures of the kids' room redo on the way.  Also, a retro space birthday party to talk about.
Check back.
Love from,


hannah singer said...

lovely LOVELY! birds are my favorite.
also, funny "put a bird on" mother's day:)
happy belated mother's day, greta. xo

mygirl said...

those are very cute. i think we can safely say that the majority of our group are bird nerds! and i love it:)