Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Best Baby Blanket

I think I may be a bit late catching onto this trend.
I don't keep up with a lot of trends.
Unless they're in Sunset magazine, Bon Appetite or on the blogs I read.
But maybe you don't know about this trend either. 
So I'll tell you.
I found the perfect baby blanket.

Actually, I had nothing to do with finding it.
It was a gift from my friend Lindsey. (creator of the amazing nursery)
I love it madly.
I have 2 friends about to have babies and you can guess what I'm giving them.

These blankets are big.  
So they are perfect for swaddling.
But they are also light weight: soft, breathable muslin.
That means when you swaddle baby, you won't overheat him.
Which is especially nice in summer.

I have Davy wrapped up in that blanket all the time.
Isn't it cute?
Isn't he cute?

This particular blanket is from here.
But I was just in a baby shop yesterday and she had oodles of them.
Which led me to believe I was behind the times in this baby blanket trend.
No matter.
If you need a perfect little baby gift, now you know what to get.
I give it my seal of approval.
The best baby blanket.

Love from,

PS.  They are often called muslin swaddling blankets and I found more here and here.
But I bet if you went to any baby store you'd find some.  Or, if you're the sewing type, you can whip some up yourself.  


Betsi* said...

The blanket's nice and all but I am really diggin that little sweet potato you've got modeling it! He is soooo adorable! I want to snuggle him! <3

Laura said...

we discovered the muslin blankets with our second & loved them! they're the perfect size for swaddling & since he was born in late april, they were just the right weight for a spring baby.