Friday, June 24, 2011

Homemade Lemonade In Recycled Glass Bottles

Do you ever make homemade lemonade?
It's such a nice treat for summer.
My kids love it.
So do I.

A friend just gave us a bag of lemons from her tree.
They're Meyer lemons.  The very best kind of lemons.
We desperately need to plant our own Meyer lemon tree.
They're that good.
And if you don't have a lot of space, you can get a dwarf one and plant it in a big pot.
These lemons are super juicy, they smell divine and taste even better.
They're almost sweet.
Perfect for fresh squeezed lemonade.

After Lilly and I mixed up a big batch, I decanted them into these glass jars.
They originally held sparkling lemonade.  I bought a few bottles for a party once.
(I think it was this kind.  but I got mine from Fresh and Easy and they were cheaper.)
I liked them so much, I hung onto them.  
You just can't throw away perfectly good bottles like this.

I mean, they're from France.
They say citron.
I like them lots.

I like the stoppers on top with the red, rubber seal.
And the metal clasp--so vintage looking.
Best thing is, they were about $3.00 each and I can use them for years.
I put water in them and put them out for parties.
So much better than small, plastic, water bottles with an ugly label, am I right?
It's all in the details.
Besides, doing it this way is cheaper and less wasteful.

So go on, make some lemonade this weekend.
And keep an eye out for glass bottles you can save and use again, all summer long.
Love from,

It's super easy.
It's goooood.  
But I'd change the sugar amount to 1 and a 1/2 cups or even test it at 1 and 1/4 and then add a bit more.
I like my lemonade a little less sweet.
We still have some left.  I think I'll go have a glass right now.


Beth said...

I love fresh lemonade! I had a friend that thought it was weird that my lemonade had pulp in it...she has only ever had POWDERED!! Ahh the travesty of it all! Haha, but truly, those bottles are great and now I think I'll send hubby to the store for some lemons!

Terrie said...

I love fresh lemonade, lemon juice freezes really good too. I found some in the freezer the other day from my trip out there in March. I

Caroline said...

I save those bottles too - I love to use them as flower vases. Three of them down the middle of a table each with one bright happy gerber daisy, perfect!

Lillian said...

I will be making a trip to Fresh & Easy to look for those bottles!!