Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Farm to Table Dinner at Patchwork Square Farms

You may remember last summer when I wrote about my first farm to table dinner at Pocket Square Farm.
It was truly amazing.
I, and the rest of my book club, eagerly awaited this year's dinner.
Cassie did not disappoint.
We met up last month for another meal right out of her garden.
This year we didn't even pretend we were meeting to talk about a book.
We were there for the food.
It was another night of magic.
It's one of my most favorite nights of the year.
Come see why.
Farm to Table Dinner at Pocket Square Farm

The table is set in the garden, under lights and later, as we linger quite a while, under the stars.

Cassie sets the table herself with a burlap cloth, mismatched napkins, tea lights, flowers and the menu.
It's lovely.

Overhead, grapevines crawl along the strings of lights that cast a soft glow on our meal.

The roses, of course, are also from Cassie's garden.

This year, in addition to the chatter of the book club girls, there was the chatter of these girls.

Cassie's talented husband Ross built them this incredible house so that Cassie could have fresh eggs, and a barn for her farm.
The girls graciously contributed their eggs to our dinner.

Speaking of dinner.
Oh that dinner.
Here's the menu.

All the vegetables in the meal came right from Pocket Square Farm.
Even the beans for the bean soup.  (you have to read about her beans on her blog.  love this post)
The eggs were from her chickens.
She made the breads herself.
And she made the cheese.

This was the first course.
It was so delicious I could have eaten several helpings of just this and been incredibly happy.
The dinner was before I went on my crazy diet, so I was able to partake in most of it.
I had gone dairy free at that point and Cassie graciously made separate portions for me without dairy.
I did, however, have to sample just a bit of her homemade ricotta cheese.
It was utterly amazing.
As soon as I am on dairy again (a year from now at best) I am going to try homemade ricotta.
This might be my recipe.

These are the pole beans from the main course.
They're purple until you cook them.
Aren't they beautiful?

Everyone got a frittata made from the girls' eggs and more of Cassie's homemade cheese.
Mozzarella this time.
I didn't want to push my luck, so I opted out on that one and just had a farm fresh egg baked in a ramekin.
The color of those eggs was intense.
So was the flavor.
I am growing more and more fond of this backyard chicken coop idea.

Sadly, I do not have more photos of the food.
It was dark and I had a baby in my arms.
But I can assure you that, just like the rest, it was perfectly delicious.

Cassie put a tremendous amount of work in making a full meal for the 10 of us.
We all told her she didn't have to do it again next year.  (but I don't think any of us meant it)
Maybe next year she'll let us help her a bit.
Because being a part of this is just too good of an experience to pass up.
And it isn't just the food.
I love the food, but it's so much more than that.

It's about Cassie and her passion.
She loves to grow things.
She has taken her little, suburban yard and turned it into a farm.
Her raised beds produce enough to make a meal for us.
And to feed her family fresh vegetables all summer long.
She is such an inspiration to me.
It's that lesson again--if you wait for everything to be perfect, it might never happen.
Cassie doesn't have 5 acres in Oregon for her farm. (although she'd like to)
She has a pocket square patch in the city.
And she's making the most of it!

Thank you Cassie for a wonderful, inspiring evening.
If you'd like to see more of the adventures at Pocket Square Farm, be sure to visit Cassie's blog.
Hoping you find something to inspire you today--perfect or not.
Love from,


hennymats said...

Oh that sounds so wonderful! I love Cassie's blog, I've been reading it ever since I found it on yours!

meg + andy said...

mmmm, i don't think i'd ever want to leave this party! thanks for letting us in on it. ;)

Katie @ minivan diva said...

I remember you writing about your experience last year. I love her concept of farming with limited space. What a wonderful way to gather together with special friends!

Four Flights said...

I remember when you blogged about your dinner last year I was so blown away. This year, the additions of the fresh eggs takes it to a whole other level. What a lovely evening.

pupandpony said...

Hi Greta!
First, belated congratulations. Second, I just found out Cassie will be my sons teacher this year, and then found out (through the comment at the bottom of her chicken post) that you are friends. Small world stuff. Cheers, and hi to A.