Monday, August 1, 2011

Greta's Birthday Gift Guide (and stuff you'll probably like too) Part 1: ART

My birthday is this week.
I don't really like my birthday much.
I haven't in a long time.
Not that I care about getting older because, really, I don't. (at least not yet)
I feel young and I know that if this were the Middle Ages, I'd be lucky to have made it this far.
So, even though it is weird to be looking at 35, and it does sound mature, I'm OK with it.
I'll be fine at 35.
What am I talking about?  I'll be awesome at 35!
It's not the number, it's just the birthday.

Every year I think I'll throw a party or do something fun and different for my bday.
But I am often beat (4 out of the last 7 birthdays I have had a newborn) or everyone is sick, or something like that.  
So this year I decided to do something that required minimal effort.
I am sharing a bunch of my favorite things with you--my birthday gift guide.
You'll be sure to find things you like, for yourself or others.
I will share something different each day for the week.

Today's offerings: ART.

If birthday wishes came true, I'd wish for the ability to paint and draw.
Until then, I'll just admire the work of people who can.
Like this poster.

You can see the poster here.
And the whole collection here.
They have amazing stuff.

Next up, this poster from Land of Nod.

Oh how I love this poster.
I have for ages.
Perfect for a little boy's room.
Or a master bedroom because I think the sentiment is very sweet and romantic.
Don't you?
You can find the poster here and the rest of the collection here.
I would actually like any from this collection because I love this artist's work.

Then there's this map.
I looove maps.
This is one of the best I've seen.

You can find this map here, and the rest of their collection here..
If you can't actually get on a plane and go, you can at least look at the world and dream of going, right?

Last up are these birds.
Aren't they beautiful?

They are made of porcelain and hang right on the wall.
I can picture them flying across a wall in my house.
You can find them here and view the artist's pottery and other work here.

That's all I have for day one.
Come on back tomorrow for another installment of Greta's Birthday Gift Guide.
Love from,


mandi said...

OH! You're killing me with all of this awesomeness. The map is for sure coming to live with me. I've been looking for ages for a map that isn't cheesy (since our "homeschool room" is my dining room). And that one with the trees and the little box car. So sweet.

Also- your comment about the middle ages cracked me up! Take that 35!

ps- i turn 35 this year too : )

Katie @ minivan diva said...

I love maps too! I have a little project with a map that I have brewing in my head. Happy Birthday week!

hannah singer said...

wowie. i love all of your art choices.
the birds are stunning and i just adore the land of nod ctuie.

happy birthday. you should celebrate YOU and love your birthday. what a joy to have you on this earth-and blogging!


Betsi* said...

You know I'm madly in love with that Finch poster! Oh what a dream! Wish we could get together and celebrate our birthdays together. But I am currently in an airport waiting to fly to NC and Jenny!
Have a fantastic bday!
Love, Betsi*

farmgirl said...

Happy, happy birthday, Greta! If I had been thinking clearly I would have put a candle on your little slice of chocolate cake last week. Forgive me!